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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice

Whoa!! Just when I thought the president couldn't give us anymore excitement he selects Harriet Miers, age 60, to replace Sandra Day O'Connor.

I know why he chose her. Harriet is a friend from his Texas gubernatorial administration. she was his personal attorney. She is the current White House Counsel who replaced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

President Bush, like all of us, is human and likely to be seduced by flattery. Harriet is no slouch in that department. She says George W. Bush is "the most brilliant man I ever met." Obviously Harriet hasn't been around many really smart people, either that or she herself is a mental midget.

Harriet has never been a judge. Harriet has no constitutional expertise. Harriet is an evangelical Christian. Even though there is no judicial philosophy to scrutinize, according to Vice president Dick Cheney, he and President Bush are comfortable with Miers judicial philosophy.

The president is on record as having once described Harriet as "a pit bull in size 6 shoes." That's because she helped to hide his military service record. This nomination is her reward for jobs well done!

If the president isn't concerned that once Harriet made a small contribution to an anti-abortion organization or that in the past Harriet has made donations to the Democratic National Committee, to former Texas senator Lloyd M. Bentsen (D) and the 1988 presidential campaign of Al Gore (D), why should anyone else be concerned. And on top of all that she has no judicial experience. Some say this nomination could be the worst, most unqualified since Abe Fortas. Others say every nominee deserves an up or down vote.


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