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Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Reality TV Program Idea

We've read Clark's recent report about Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson. Our staff has been creatively thinking about the two men and how they can increase their financial standing. (Blake says he's broke and can not pay the $30 million awarded by the jury in a recent civil case for wrongful death. O.J. thinks it's "double jeopardy" to be tried once in criminal court and then again in civil court for essentially the same offense.)We think some enterprising television producer should cash-in on the notoriety of both men by casting them as co-hosts of a show we call the new "21st Century Fugitives". Two men wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit now scour the countryside searching for the true killers, firstly on behalf of themselves, then the program expands to include their search for all the men and women unjustly accused. Each episode would feature a crime wherein OJ and Blake search for the real perpetrator(s) of the crime in question, beginning with the interview of the unjustly accused in prison.

The first program, a special two hour episode, would feature each of OJ and Blake's stories, and answer the question why they are not in prison. This would help O.J. make good on his promise to seek and find the killer(s) of his ex-wife. It would surely help Blake's money situation. He could pay off the debt imposed by the court and live well with his young daughter from the marriage to the deceased woman, Bonnie Lee Bakley. I'm sure it would be as popular as the original "Fugitive" series' or at best as popular as "Unsolved Mysteries", and it would also qualify as a new "reality" program. As they say, "Truth is Stranger than Fiction."

NOTE to Enterprising TV Producers: Contact me, Henry Gandolph if you're interested. As they say in the industry rag this could be "Boffo!"

Coming Spring 2009: George and Dick on the road in Iraq looking for WMD, accompanied by OJ and Blake, who still have not found the killers.


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