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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things to Make You Say, "Hmmmm"

Time to put on our thinking caps. Let us now begin to ponder.
    The president, George W. Bush, says he did not violate any laws pertaining to domestic spying. Hmmmm.
    In 1973 another president, Richard M. Nixon, said he was exempt from any law prohibiting electronic eavesdropping. To prevent the disgrace of impeachment, he resigned. Hmmmm.
    The president is doing his "Stay the Course in Iraq Road Show" because he wants to regain the support he has lost. Hmmmm.
    On Monday, during a news conference the president said the fact there was faulty pre-war intelligence about WMDs held by Saddam Hussein in Iraq, is having a negative effect on making a case to go to war against Iran. He said it "affects credibility".Hmmmmm.
    Why isn't our constitution more specific about those "inherent presidential powers" that have been a stumbling block for many of the men who have held the office? Hmmmm.
    Why is the president so concerned about renewing the Patriot Act when he's making up laws as he goes along?(I call it "improvisational legislation".) Does he really need the Patriot Act to encroach upon our freedoms? Are "inherent presidential powers" to be used to abridge the rights of citizens?
    Why is the president so upset with the media? He denouced news outlets for breaking the story about his unchecked use of those "powers inherent to the Office of the President of the United States of America". Bush even stated he found the term "unchecked" to sound dictatorial and said he "rejects" the description. This comment comes from a man who once half jokingly said his job would be easier if it were a dictatorship and especially so if he were the dictator. Hmmmm.
    Why does the president always talk about enemies? I think George Bush has mentioned enemies more in the past two, nearly three years, than presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower did during all of World War II and the Cold War combined. Hmmmmm.
      Pogo strip from 1973 featuring caricatures of the infamous trio of J.Edgar Hoover,head of the FBI; Att'y Gen'l John Mitchell and Vice President Spiro Agnew.
    To paraphrase Walt Kelly , comic strip artist and author of "Pogo" a series popular during the 1940s through mid 1970s, "We have met the enemy and he is you," Hmmmm.


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