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Friday, January 06, 2006

What a Dead Parrot?(continued)

    The customer enters the same pet shop. The owner is putting on a false moustache.C: This is Bolton, is it?
    O: (with a fake mustache) No, it's Ipswitch.
    C: (looking at the camera) That's inter-city rail for you.
    The customer goes to the train station.
    He addresses a man standing behind a desk marked "Complaints".
    C: I wish to complain, British-Railways Person.
    C: I beg your pardon...?
    A: I'm a qualified brain surgeon! I only do this job because I like being my own boss!
    C: Excuse me, this is irrelevant, isn't it?
    A: Yeah, well it's not easy to pad these python files out to 200 lines, you know.
    C: Well, I wish to complain. I got on the Bolton train and
    found myself deposited here in Ipswitch.
    A: No, this is Bolton.
    C: (to the camera) The pet shop man's brother was lying!!
    A: Can't blame British Rail for that.
    C: In that case, I shall return to the pet shop!
    He does.
    C: I understand this IS Bolton.
    O: (still with the fake mustache) Yes?
    C: You told me it was Ipswitch!
    O: ...It was a pun.
    C: (pause) A PUN?!?
    O: No, no...not a pun...What's that thing that spells
    the same backwards as forwards?
    C: (Long pause) A palindrome...?
    O: Yeah, that's it!
    C: It's not a palindrome! The palindrome of "Bolton" would be "Notlob"!!
    It don't work!!
    O: Well, what do you want?

    C: I'm not prepared to pursue my line of inquiry any longer as I think this is getting too silly!

    Sergeant-Major: Quite agree, quite agree, too silly, far too silly...


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