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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Our military is the best in the world. The proud men and women of the United States Armed Forces fight valiantly all over the world to preserve, and in some cases, bring for the first time, democracy and freedom to nations that otherwise would not have the democracy and freedom we Americans lay claim to as our birthright here at home.

Why then do we allow that birthright, of freedom and democracy, the one we claim to cherish, to be stolen, sacrificed with scarcely a whimper? Why is even the mildest protest or objection denounced as coming from either a liberal, a traitor, or both, as a terrorist sympathizer willing to aid and abet the terrorists and the enemy?

Just what are we fighting for? Are we fighting for Freedom and Democracy, or are we fighting to live the American Consumer Lifestyle? They are not the same thing.

Here at home it seems we care nothing about our own Freedom and Democracy. We've become a nation of over-weight-out-of-shape-incompetent-intellectually deficient-just-plain-old-dumbies who are too stupid, too lazy, too cowed to fight to preserve our rights.

It appears we are willing to give up all our Freedoms and Rights to George Bush and Crew just to continue to live, or in the hope of continuing to live, the American lifestyle. If that is our objective we should be clear about it. Forget about bringing Freedom and Democracy to the rest of the world, because then they might elect someone we don't like, such as Hezbollah or the President of Iran. Instead lets turn the rest of the world into the consumer culture of the U.S. There is no reason why consumer culture can't coexist in a nation of tyranny.

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Blogger Hassan said...

I fought and feel like I didn't.

When I joined the Army in 88', I never intended to go of to war, but I ended up doing 2 seperate tours in different places. It was the reason I got out in 1993.

We are fat.
We are lazy.
We don't have th eporblems (yet) of most countries because we have excess.
We can do something about that, but we won't.
We like fat, lazy and excess too much to buck it.
This is our version of the matrix.

The meek shall inherit the earth.
The strong ones usually keep going on.

9:19 AM


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