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Monday, November 27, 2006

Michael "Kramer" Richards: Another Reason to Abolish the N-Word

As the consequence of overreacting, and a poor choice of words actor
Michael Richards finds himself

at the heart of controversy over using racist words in an outburst during his recent performance at a comedy club in Los Angeles.

For those who do not know, Richards lost his cool while performing because two men in the audience were talking during his stand-up comedy routine. They just happened to be black. Having had enough Richards just happened to let fly several sentences verbally assailing the men with the tried and true racial slur, the term which currently enjoys popular usage along with a stream of foul language.

Richards has been making the rounds of national tv programs and radio talk inverview shows to say he's sorry, and to declare "I'm not a racist." According to his publicist, Richards, the former "Seinfeld" star, has even begun psychiatric counseling in Los Angeles to learn ways to manage his anger and why he made the racist remarks. His publicicst also says Richards is searching for the two men whom he insulted at the club in order to apologize.

We can not say if Michael Richards is a racist. His words and actions indicate he could be. And although we are suspicious of his motives for wanting to find these men, we think his desire to apologize to them personally is admirable. As our leader Henry Gandolph said when he heard of Richards seeking the men he insulted, "I hope this doesn't end up like O.J. or Robert Blake looking for the real killers." We hope if Michael Richards is successful in finding the men to whom he was rude, the apology will be given in a venue that receives as much exposure as the initial affront and the subsequent attempts to ameliorate this volatile situation. One good thing that has come out of this affair--
Michael Richards has provided one more reason to abolish the n-word.

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Anonymous Bliss said...

No way do I believe it was a "poor choice of words". He uses those words and all his other degarding thoughts he spewed out just reflect how racist he is. He was provoked and instead of taking control, he lost control. Never cared for him, don't think he was ever funny---more baphoonish--as I did not watch Seinfeld at all as I did not feel that show was ground breaking or funny at all either nor is Jerry Seinfeld.
Humiliate them? he said exactly how he thinks and feels and he didn't hold back. Whatever back lash--he deserves.

1:46 PM


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