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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


"I think it should be an anything goes forum not setup like other ones. I think that people should be allowed to speak what is on their minds."

When you go into the forum you'll see that a guest posted the above quoted opinion about the format the youthinkwhat.com forum should take. I say, "I think I agree! People should be allowed to speak what is on their minds."

Our purpose is to make this forum unlike others you've visited. Our forum is unique, because we are, in a word, unique. We would like all of our members to exercise their right to freely express themselves. Afterall this is America the place to do just that. We are here to facilitate our members ability to state, or discuss openly, and intelligently, without hinderance, limitation or censure, their opinions on any subject they so desire.

However, we sincerely would like to have discussions, not abuse. Otherwise real discourse will devolve into who can be the most abusive, and that will not serve our purpose.

The topic newly listed in the forum on the American pet trend toward owning mongrel dogs, is merely a suggested topic to get things going. Some may see it and think it inadequate or lame; there's a reason why dogs are described as "man's best friend".

Other suggested thread subjects are sports...from NASCAR to professional golf; from the NHL's lost season to the NFL in Europe; from controversies in sports such as free agency, sports drafts, salary caps; the latest trades in your favorite sport, to women in boxing. Members may discuss their favorite sports stars, as well as the players and teams they love to hate.

Members are also free to discuss best loved books, movies, current events, as well as money saving suggestions, household tips, fashion ideas/trends for the home.

You can even talk about politics and religion two subjects that always tend to get the juices going whether discussed on the internet or in a bar or at a party, or family gathering.

As a YTW.com member you can share the names of the places you think are the best places to vacation, the best places to get your party on. You can share where to meet the creme de la creme. You can tell us what you think of your special one and only. Tell us how you met. What was your first impression of him or her....really?

You can tell us what makes you happy, what makes you laugh...even tell us what makes you sad.

Do you shop exclusively at Nordstrom's or Saks? Do you shop the Spiegels catalogue? or someother mail-order internet store? You can tell us if you think you really need to buy that top designer outfit that isn't in your budget. Or tell us how you save money. Do you shop only sales or at wholesale outlets? Do you shop second hand stores for clothing and furniture? Tell us is that new model luxury car the must have the salesman told you it is?

Of course my personal favorite is celebrity news...that's a more refined way of saying gossip, gossip and more gossip about the stars in the worlds of entertainment, sports, business and politics. YTW members will definitely be able to share what they think they've heard, what they think they've seen, what they think they know to be true about their favorite celebrities and sports figures, and they can absolutely state what they think about their activities.

The staff here at YTW is working on some new and innovative features for this forum. We're creating novelties to increase your fun at this location on the internet.

Join us. We're gonna have some big fun up in here when we find out ...you think what?