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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tonight's the Night!

    At 9pm EDT at the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, the New England Patriots, winners of SuperBowl XXXIX will host the Oakland Raiders in the opening of the National Football League's 2005/2006 professional football season. The NFL calls it their Football Kick-off: The Road to XL...that's not "XL" as in extra large like what hip-hoppers wear. That's "XL" as in Roman numeral forty.
    Before the game the NFL will present a musical entertainment pre-game program, "NFL Opening Kickoff" which will pay tribute to the Super Bowl champs, highlight the venue of the very first SuperBowl, as well as showcase the location for the big game to be held in Detroit in February 2006. Featured athletes and musical entertainers include Marcus Allen, former Super Bowl XVIII MVP, plus 24 NFL Hall of Fame greats, all will be participating in the NFL's kick-off party. Carlos Santana, Rhihanna, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5 Trisha Yearwood, the Rolling Stones and Kanye West will also be a part of the NFL's party, with Freddie Prinz,Jr. as host.

I'm ready for the party and some football!

    Speaking of party...on the same night candidate Victor Bernace, who's running for Council in the Seventh District in New York City, representing Inwood, Harlem and Washington Heights, is holding a party to raise money for his campaign. You remember Victor we told you about him a few weeks ago.(See August 14, 2005 and August 17, 205 posts, "A Different Kind of Candidate") He received a great deal of publicity because as Melissa Haberman, of the New York Daily News, the reporter who broke the story put it, Bernace is "a politician with respectable credentials, rather than running away from the subject matter actually embraced sexuality/sensuality as a fundraising technique causing a national stir."
    His party, called "Havana Nights", will feature male and female exotic dancers. He's the guy who was raised by a single mother on welfare, lived in a foster home, attended New York City public schools [PS 98, JHS 52, John F. Kennedy H.S.], graduated from NYU and Harvard Law School, and returned to his community. Today he teaches the children in NYC, and defends NYC cab drivers, NYC tenants, NYC immigrants, and NYC senior citizens. He says he's someone who can effectively fight for everyone in that diverse community. We think he'll provide something different for the New York City political scene. Honest, professional leadership. Isn't that what we want from our leaders?

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