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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill Stands By His Words

"I'm not racist, and I'll put my record up against theirs." William Bennett former Secretary of Education, the nation's first "drug czar", as well as reformed gambling addict, made these remarks when referring to Democrat Nancy Pelosi and other critics. "I've been a champion of the real civil rights issue of our times -- equal educational opportunities for kids." Bennett, the author of "The Book of Virtues," when answering a caller's question, took issue with the hypothesis put forth in a recent book, "Freakonomics", that one reason crime is down is that abortion is up. Then Bennett, in responding to the caller with the toxic hypothetical, revealed that he does believe the hypothesis with his comments about black babies and abortion. Bill Bennett you can't have it both ways. "We've got to have candor and talk about these things while we reject wild hypotheses," Bennett said.

This is what Bennett said during an interview with CNN last week, "I was putting forward a hypothetical proposition. Put that forward. Examined it. And then said about it that it's morally reprehensible. To recommend abortion of an entire group of people in order to lower your crime rate is morally reprehensible. But this is what happens when you argue that the ends can justify the means."

"I don't think people have the right to be angry, if they look at the whole thing. But if they get a selective part of my comment, I can see why they would be angry. If somebody thought I was advocating that, they ought to be angry. I would be angry. But that's not what I advocate."

In a radio broadcast on Thursday, Mr. Bennett called the criticism of him "ridiculous, stupid, totally without merit" and said his critics had taken his comments out of context. "One could just as easily have said you could abort all children and prevent all crime, to show the absurdity of the proposition." One should have stated "you could abort all children and prevent all crime" if one's purpose was to show how absurd such a proposition is.

When asked if he owed the public an apology, Bennett replied, "I don't think I do. I think people who misrepresented my view owe me an apology." Everyone who has misrepresented Bill's remarks please apologize. The sooner the two of you do it the faster we can move on to the next controversy.

Bill Bennett you owe the public an apology for being a less than adequate radio call-in-talk-show host.

And you owe the public an apology for being an insincere racist hypocrite. If you are going to be a racist hypocrite at least admit it. I hate wolves that dress in sheep's clothing, who when found out insist they have always had a fondness for lambs.

You might as well wear a dress and high heels and insist,
"I am Not Cross Dressing!"