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Friday, October 07, 2005

Leandro Aragoncillo, Alleged White House Spy?? He's Charged with Faxing Top Secret Info from White House (Not a Tabloid Headline??)

What a week it's been. The first seven days of the new month and the news has been in a word, unbelieveable! Now here's the latest from our man in Washington, D.C. Clark Dark. Clark....

Thanks Henry. You're so right about the events of this past week. Terror threats in New York City, that the CIA or was it the FBI does not consider serious. The BBC plans to broadcast an interview with a Palestinian diplomat who says President Bush freely admitted in 2003 that "God speaks" to him. He says, "George you forgot to put down the toilet seat." And now a man in New Jersey, a former Marine NCO is arrested for spying while in the White House as well as while employed by the FBI. Efrem Zimbalist, Jr and J. Edgar Hoover are spinning in their respective graves.

Are we to believe that Leandro Aragoncillo, age 46, after 21 years in the United States Marine Corps, with the NCO rank of gunnery sargeant is a spy for the Philipines? Now, there's a top secret dangerous country we might have to invade next. This is the best we can do? An NCO who spys for the opposition in the Philippines? They hired Leandro because they knew Don Adams, the actor who portrayed tv's Maxwell Smart would not be available? Mike Myers, as Austin Powers is just too over-the-top a choice for a job this mundane?

Are we to believe Aragoncillo was really a half million dollars in debt? Are we to believe former President Estrada, now under house arrest while on trial, enticed Leandro to work for his team to overthrow President Arroyo by promising some extra spending money??

It is getting to the point where formerly comic, sometimes considered trivial, even so called shallow works of entertainment are beginning to be appreciated as serious studies of White House, government and national security.

By all accounts the top secret information shared was not even good.

Who needs ostentatious spies like in "The Man Who Came in From the Cold" or even Smiley from John Le Carre, when we have Maxwell Smart, Austin Powers, the Man from Havana and the Mouse that Roared as training for our modern skulduggery. Let's give a warm welcome to Leandro Aragoncillo.

I'm Clark Dark in Washington for YouThinkWhat.