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Saturday, December 24, 2005

George Bush: A President Who Listens

In light of the shocking news of President George Bush's questionable domestic surveillance of Americans who may, or may not, be associated with terror cells, we at youthinkwhatdotcom have come up with suggestions how the Republican apologists can spin this latest scandalous revelation.

For starters:
    George Bush is all ears. (If you've seen some of the political cartoonists' caricatures of GWB you can easily understand why we think this is funny.)
This one is a play on the Payne Weber ad campaign of a few years ago.
    When you talk George Bush listens.
Finally, our favorite based in part on a song lyric:
    He's not heavy, he's not your brother, and he's not big, but he is listening.
George Bush: A President Who Listens (and he doesn't care what you think, and he's willing to use it against you!)