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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Billion Little Lies

James Frey, the author of the memoir entitled, "A Million LIttle Pieces" and the sequel to his tale of addiction and incarceration, "My Friend Leonard", is being roundly criticized for possible exaggeration of his life experiences. This onslaught of condemnation is being led by none other than the investigative reporters at the web site The Smoking Gun. (As you may know Smoking Gun is an Internet arm of Court Television.)

I say, "What's the big fat deal here?" So he used a little puffery to tell his story. Frey's recollection of the events he describes in his memoir may not be exactly as others recall. There probably are no court records to substantiate what he says about arrests and jail time served. Even Oprah Winfrey, who endorsed his writing by making his book her internationally acclaimed book club's selection, despite it's earthy language and seemy subject, says,
"What is relevant is that he was a drug addict ... and stepped out of that history to be the man he is today and to take that message to save other people and allow them to save themselves,"
In the land where capitalist ventures are admired and reality is tossed to the side, the man is a resounding success. Nearly 2 million copies of his books have been sold by the publisher, Random House. As reported by the Smoking Gun Frey enjoys the status of a literary rock-star, and "a $2.55 million Manhattan apartment, an Amagansett summer house, and first-class travel." So what's the problem.

What is the big deal, here? The American public gets told lies everyday. I'll show you what I mean:

    Using (Product brand name goes here)___________ will make you more (You get to fill in the blank here. Examples would be: attractive, sexy, intelligent, etc) ____________.

    Sadaam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. That's why we must invade his sovereign nation.

    I can't come into the office today. I have the flu.

    Tom DeLay is innocent of any wrong doing.

    My dog ate my homework.

    "I'm a uniter, not a divider." President George Bush.

    The check is in the mail.

    The 12 miners in West Virginia are alive and well.

    Nine out of ten doctors reccomend (insert product brand name here) ____________ for relief of (insert malady here)_________________________.

    George Bush is fiscally conservative. He wants to make government smaller. That's why he's the biggest spender in the history of the country.

    Of course,I'll respect you in the morning.

    Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.

    You can't live without owning (place name of the latest gadget or fashion trend here)_______________.

    The category 5 hurricane, Katrina, which struct New Orleans, broke the levees and is the cause of the flooding.

    No, that dress does not make you look fat.

That's a sampling of the "Billion Little Lies" we hear daily.

We like our television programs "reality based". We like our news and current events fabricated. That's the kind of world in which we live.

Funeral for Lou Rawls Set for Friday, January 13

Funeral services for the Grammy Award winning, United Negro College Fund fundraising Chicago choir-boy turned professional singer, Lou Rawls is scheduled for tomorrow.

Lou Rawls, the velvet-voiced performer known by tunes such as You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine and Lady Love died of cancer last week.


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have sold their famous newlywed house to Justin "Reese" Berfield, the 19-year-old star of "Malcolm in the Middle". According to tabloid televsion program "Access Hollywod", the property was sold just five days after it was listed with the asking price of $3.75 million.