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Thursday, April 13, 2006

George Walker Bush: The Man with the Answers

Sometime ago, back on July 26 of 2005, when all the news coverage was talk of Karl Rove, President Bush, reporter Novak, and CIA operative Valerie Plame, and who s the person who leaked her name to the news media. I posed the questions that had been posed more than 30 years ago to another Republican president who was consumed by meglomania, overwhelmed by questions of duplicity, wrongdoing, and illegal activities-RICHARD MILHOUSE NIXON.

The questions back in 1973 pertained to the Watergate break-in. "What did Nixon know?" and "When did he know it?"

I asked the same questions of the current president on this blog last July. "What did Bush know?" and "When did he know it?"

Somebody, please, tell the Philadelphia 76'ers Allen Iverson to move over. Dubya is now the answer!
We now have the answers to those burning questions.
GEORGE WALKER BUSH, President of the United States of America, knew from the inception of this nefarious plan. He is responsible for disclosing the name of a CIA operative to the press. He alone is the person who placed that agent and hundreds of others, including our military, in harm's way.

I said it last July, and I reiterate today in April 2006 this is about accountability by the President of the United States. It’s about integrity. The president said if he found out someone in the White House was involved in leaking Plame’s name to the press that person would be dismissed. He and his advisors have already backed away from that statement by saying the person will be terminated if the act is found to be illegal. Criminality should not be the standard for dismissal, but if that's all we've got to work with, then so be it!

I, for one, Mr. President, expect you'll be packing to return to Crawford, Texas by the end of this month....and taking the vice president with you.

After all if you can’t trust the word of the president, whom can you trust?

World-wide Shout-outs: Vive la France!

To the peeps of the world a universal shout-out:

Welcome, Benvenuto, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Foon ying, Huan ying, Hoan nghênh, Chào mung, Emukela, Amkela, Maayong pagabot, Mabuhay, Yin dee, Hos geldiniz, Sushri akal, Dobrodoshli, Walcome, Kalos orisate, Irashaimasu, Aloha mai, Bruchot haba'ot', Bruchim habaim, Aayiye, Weizo, Vítejte, Ali, Mwaiseni, MarHaban, Ha'ándáh ...

On behalf of the staff of YouThinkWhatDotCom I want to welcome you.

Yo! I just wanna give a special shout-out to all my peeps in France. Y'all threw down on that employment issue, and I wanna give y'all props. Y'all are truly fierce.

For the vernacularly impaired I will translate.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend the students and workers who participated in the public demonstrations in recent weeks to influence and inform the French government that the idea of "flexible employment"- that's where they hire workers under age 25 years old to work until they dismiss the worker without cause in order to hire some other person, under age 25, to work cheap. This was a bad plan-that would, in the end, only benefit the employer and the government. It would not help the workers. Fortunately the government, led by French president Jacques Chirac, saw the fallacy of this plan and abandoned same. Congratulations on holding effective demonstrations.

Sad to say if a similar plan were presented here in the US, I am afraid, it would be an easy sell to our young people. I believe the only opposition raised would be if the announcement were made at a time that would interfere with the start of the television program "American Idol".

Celebrate American Retailers

Today we celebrate the birth of Frank Winfield Woolworth who became the founder of the F.W. Woolworth Company. Woolworth, an operator of discount stores with merchandise priced at five and ten cents, pioneered today's common practice of buying direct from manufacturers and fixing prices on items, rather than negotiating.

Today we also celebrate, just 23 years after Woolworth opened his store, the opening in 1902 of James Cash Penney's first department store. Those stores are known today as the J.C. Penny chain of department stores.

Fortunately Penny's venture has fared better than F.W.'s. Woolworth's in the United States ended its business existence in July of 1997. The company continues operating overseas in the United Kingdom as Woolworth's.