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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The United States is Gonna Do What to Iran??

I've heard some really idiotic ideas from the Bush administration, but planning an attack on Iran is one of the most ri-damn-diculous ideas I've ever heard!

This is the administration that invaded Iraq because they did not have weapons of mass destruction? (Sort of like when the Brits invaded Grenada a few years back. Go for the easy target nation.) This is the same administration that has not taken any serious military action against North Korea because they do have WMDs, right?

Now let me get this right. Our strategy is to make tactical strikes utilizing nuclear, or as the president would say nucular, missiles to neutralize a country that has announced it has the capability to produce and is currently producing nuclear weapons. Do I have a correct understanding of the "proposed strategy"? This is the same strategy that Bush suggests is "wild speculation". I can not believe this idea remained on the table as a possibility.

Who is planning our military strategy? Bevis and Butthead? Any attack, conventional or otherwise, on the location where the Iranian nuclear weapons are being made would be without question disastrous. Here are the predicted results of such an action: Radiation everywhere; civil war; and increased incidents of terrorism in that region, but most importantly upon American interests around the world...especially within the United States.

Hey! Stop the madness! Can we for one moment re-think this plan! This is a strategy that is not advisable for implementation. No way. Uh-un!

Mr. President, if you are really about peace and stability in the Middle East, how about helping to establishing an organization of countries of the region to keep the peace. Don't exclude any nation in the area. The Arab Emirates, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and all the rest of them. I suggest the countries should be pro active in making the region stable. (After all it is their part of the world-not the United States.) This is an idea whose time has come. It is possible such an organization would create a more receptive environment for democracy. This is an idea worthy of consideration.

Please, Secretary Rice, Secretary Rumsfeld, military advisors, Joint Chiefs of Staff, congressional representatives, American people, citizens of the world-- let's all put on our thinking caps and come up with a better idea!