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Monday, April 24, 2006

President Bush Speaks at Tuskegee University: Part 2

One other thing you will notice about the president's speech. He mentions he has known about Tuskegee since he was a child, but he never once mentions in what respect. Was it the 40 year medical trials that allowed syphlis to continue untreated in Black men from 1932 through the seventies as an experiment even though there was a cure for syphlis? Or could it be the courageous black Tuskegee Airmen? Both incidents involved racism. Both constitute part of what is probably the most notororious and perhaps well known part of Tuskegee's reputation.

The president could have been referring to some other knowledge of Tuskegee that he personally was acquainted with, but if such knowledge does exist he never once mentioned it. Perhaps because all he knew was the above. Considering his background it would have been bad form for him to identify his knowledge of either historic event.