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Friday, May 12, 2006

Why President Bush Has Not Answered President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Najad's Letter

Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad,President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite what some conservative writers may think, has written an intellegent, thoughtful, and seemingly sincere 18 page missive to our U.S. President George W. Bush. But so far the American president has not responded to the Iranian president's letter. We think we know the reasons why.

The words were unfamiliar to the president. The author of the letter did not use any of the words the president has made up.

Many of the words had more than three or four letters.

Several words were very long with multiple syllables.

No one wanted to read the letter to him.

The Vice President, Dick Cheney, was on a hunting trip.

Laura Bush, the First Lady, and former librarian, has been too busy disagreeing with her husband on domestic issues, like whether or not to sing the National Anthem in a language other than English.

We imagine the conversations with various cabinet secretaries in the Oval Office went something like this:
Secretary of State Rice: "No, Mr. President I really don't have time to read the letter from the Iranian president to you. Why don't you ask Secretary Donald Rumsfeld?"
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld:"Awww, Mr. President, I don't think you need to have me read the letter to you. What difference will it make? We're gonna bomb 'em anyway."

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Clark Gets The Scoop on PRINCE and GIRL6, Too

From the You Think What Dot Com Mail Bag a letter to our ace investigative entertainment reporter Clark Dark.
"Listen.. Mr. Dark...GIRL6, here. I am an aspiring gossip/entertainment writer, sports fan with an interest in all things about the stars. I'm an entertainment addict. I happen to love everything about the stars, about music, about movies, etc.---true or not----and I would love to put "a bug in your ear" now and again about the celebrities and things celebrities do which may be of interest to you, to those you report about, and to those you report to at YouThinkWhat.com.

I'm just getting started in the biz. This is really more forward than I usually am, but I can tell you a few things now and then;

If you care to know about one particular special interest of mine, that would be the artist, we know as PRINCE. The one thing I "heard" today is "The 3121 Report" which is saying PRINCE is planning some shows for the good people of Las Vegas, Nevada, on May the 27th and 28th. (If you didn't know, "3121" is his latest release of new music and it is a HOT item!).

He will have as his special guest Miss Tamar Davis his latest protégé whose debut release comes via NPG Music on June 13th. I am 100 percent positive those shows will be awesome as are all his shows.

There is also word of a contest he is currently running. Seven (7) lucky winners will enjoy a private performance by PRINCE at his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. (It's a lovely little town just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. ---and,yes I have been there!!). This girl would love to be apart of that private performance, but my escapades with the little man are well documented already---in my mind.

That is it. I am just hoping you can use this little tidbit. Don't want to take up too much of your time. I hope we can work together.
Clark Dark did not get to be our ace investigative reporter because he is shy.
Here is Clark's response:
"Hey GIRL6...if you're a SIX, can I be your Nine? I promise I'll be FINE! We can work together. The powers that be dig your style. So it's a go.
Actually you should know, I work better under the covers.
I'm your..."Undercover man", Clark!
Be sure to watch for and read exclusive entertainment news reports
from our newest guest writer

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Floyd Patterson, Heavyweight Boxing Champion

"Fear was absolutely necessary. Without it,
I would have been scared to death."
Floyd Patterson, former Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Dick Contra our newest staff member is here with sad news from the world of sports. Dick...

Thanks, You. Word was received on Thursday from New Paltz, New York that popular former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson died. He was 71.

Born to a poor family on January 4, 1935, in Waco, North Carolina, Patterson desired to surmount the difficulties he had experienced while growing up in Brooklyn, New York. He began boxing while at a reform school for boys. It was there that he had developed a unique style. Holding his gloves high in front of his face, he would sprung forward with unexpected hooks, surprising many opponents hard punches. After successfully vanquishing the competition his first few years in boxing, he was sure he had found his vocation.

Patterson became a New York Golden Gloves champion and later won the Olympic gold medal in the 165-pound class at Helsinki, Finland. He turned pro in 1952 under the management of *Cus D'Amato, who in the 1980s would develop another heavyweight champion, *Mike Tyson. (Under *D'Amato's tutelage *Tyson also became the youngest heavyweight champion at age 20, and holds that distinction today.)

In 1956, he beat then champion Archie Moore to win a world title. With that win, 21-year-old Patterson became the youngest world heavyweight champion in history. His reign lasted almost five years, during which he won the world heavyweight championship twice. When he recaptured the title in 1961 after a brief loss, it marked the first time a boxer had ever made a successful comeback for the world heavyweight title.

Many of the tributes and obits talk about the incredible number of times this champion was knocked down. What is important to note is what the champ himself said:
"They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most."

To this day, he is admired as a role model and for his idyllic sportsmanship.
A memorial service on May 27th is scheduled in Albany, New York.

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