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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Clark Dark/GIRL6 Report Exclusively on Barry, Michael, Janet, Paris, Prince....

Presenting Clark Dark and GIRL6 with the latest entertainment news.

This Girl don’t know much about national sports (besides the NFL playas—hehe!) stars and feats they endeavor towards but I can see Giants slugger Barry Bonds’ passing Babe Ruth’s record which has him now number two behind the mighty Hank Aaron (the all time number one Home-run KING with 755) in number of home run hits of 715 which he hit on Sunday sho’nuff made some sports history and for that I am proud, happy and pleased.

Now it don’t take no brain surgeon to realize every one who thinks they anyone in the sports writing/ expert/ speculation/ prediction worlds is gonna ask if the 41 year old will play along enough to catch and surpass Aaron’s record and break it. Right about now---I don’t care! He made history already and achieved a feat so many said couldn’t be attempted or reached by Aaron. He did it and I believed Barry could do it. Congratulations Barry!!! (Perhaps Barry got his mojo back?). Clark?

Michael Jackson made his first personal appearance in Japan to get the Tokyo MTV Legend Award and is touring extensively throughout Asia. I for one am glad he’s coming out of hiding and moving on. I say, "Hey Mike, man, grab it where you can get it. If out of the U.S. is where it’s at, go for it!" Michael is what, near 50?
No need to speculate on this Jackson's age. No that's not Janet...that's the one the only La Toya Jackson. His sister La Toya is 50. GIRL6?

Speaking of Jackson—Clark, have you seen that pic of Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson) on the cover of US Weekly magazine? Whew girl! I am not mad at you! You look gorgeous darling!! Simply gorgeous! I don’t care how you did it. Everyone for some reason thinks 40 is "old". Not being in shape and looking fantastic is considered by some a "miracle" when it happens at that age.NOT! In the article Janet explains how she gained the weight and why, and then how she took it off and so quickly, in just four months. It's not hard to figure how that was possible!. Small, carefully planned meals, of the right caloric intake delivered daily, and daily workout regiments with a trainer were the main focus. This Girl can only say, "More power to you sistah-girl. Love you!" Clark?

Paris Hilton the hotel heiress who's a model, actress, television personality,writer and now a recording artist..says her debut CD features a cover of the Rod Stewart hit, "Do You Think I'm Sexy?". The first single from the CD is a reggae tune, "Stars Are Blind" which will be released on Hilton's own Heiress label in conjunction with Warner. Hilton's debut features production by Lil Jon and *NSYNC's JC Chasez.

Seems Paris has now had a change of heart towards her one-time pal Nicole Richie, and has wished Richie, who recently disclosed she has an eating disorder, all the happiness in the future. Says Hilton: "I hope that Nicole is happy and healthy and having a good life." GIRL6?

Finally, His Royal Purpleness, His Highness, the Only Artist-PRINCE gave the surprise knock-out performance on the finale of the American Idol. The man never ceases to surprise or amaze. He will be 49 on June 7th, (thank you very much!). PRINCE, the Violaceous One, had a full week with that appearance and then an all weekend performance schedule in Las Vegas through the Memorial Day weekend featuring performances by the legendary Larry Graham and Grand Central Station, Morris Day and The Time and his latest protégé, Tamar Davis. I am sure those shows were knock-outs as well. (Oh to have been a fly in the air at those shows! Big *sigh*).

That’s all we got right now.

For Clark Dark and me, I'm GIRL6 , out!

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