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Friday, July 28, 2006

Nicole Richie, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, David Letterman, Prince, May Andersen, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton

Back in April of this year supermodel(?) May Andersen was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly becoming unruly and violent on a flight from Amsterdam to Miami. This week it was reported the former Victoria’s Secret model has made a deal in order to bypass a prison sentence. Assistant State Attorney Carolyn Zegeer in Miami, Florida announced the agreement on Tuesday.

Basically May has to attend anger management class sessions. The charges will be dropped if she successfully completes the four-hour anger therapy program.

We say when she has completed the program and the charges against her have been dropped, May should meet that other combative supermodel,

Naomi Campbell in Las Vegas at Caesars' Palace for the Super Model of the World Boxing Championship event Battle of the Baddest Boxing Bitch on the Runway title. With HBO or some other pay tv outlet broadcasting the fight we think it could be a real moneymaker.

His Royal Purpleness, the artist, Prince, is getting divorced. Manuela Testolini, second wife of the Rock'n'Roll Music Hall of Fame star, filed the action on May 24 at Hennepin County District Court in the Prince's home state of Minnesota according to published reports.

The couple were married in a Jehovah's Witness ceremony in Hawaii on December 31, 2001. They have no children.

Thousands of Beyonce fans have begun a petition to have her new video banned. They say her interactions with boyfriend Shawn Carter, Jay-Z, who makes an appearance in the video, are "unacceptable". The irate fans say the video "Deja Vu" is an "overwhelming under representation" of her talent. In other words the video is garbage, and they don't like it. The fans suggest to Knowles record label, Columbia Records, that the video be re-shot with a better wardrobe, better editing, and a theme.

Jessica Simpson will be a guest on "The View" in September. The ABC day-time program has booked Simpson for the Sept. 5 show.

Also in September.... look for Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton to make a special "make-up and end the feud" appearance on the David Letterman late night program on CBS.

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