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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Terrell Owens: GIRL6 Her Opinion

GIRL6 has an exclusive rant about NFL Superstar Wide Receiver, Terrell Owens. I'm Clark Dark here to introduce GIRL6, who is going to present her exclusive rant about NFL Superstar Wide Receiver,Terrell Owens.
(As if we haven't already heard enough about him!)

Terrell Owens. Now I know that name congers up all sorts of feelings and opinions of sports fans, sports writers, reporters, analysts, NFL players & owners, women all over the country and who ever else wants to jump on the T.O. merry go round. But I have a few things to say and get off my chest and doggone it, this Girl is gonna speak it!

Terrell Owens is no dummy. Y’all got it all wrong. He plays you all like violins—all those who love to hate this man. You know he is a story—good or bad-- and you just fall right into his play. Surely he took on the NFL, said and did some things no one had before. Might even have spoke some truth in all he proclaimed (y’all can’t handle the truth!). He may even have thrown some folks under buses( but who’s to say they didn’t deserve it) and gone off the deep end. He may even have used a wrong word, phrase, said too much, been too rude and angry. But the one thing he did right and continues to do is get your attention!

On the field or off——he still gets those camera lenses to open up, those pens to writing, PC keyboards to popping and commentary folks to flapping they gums. All the while making plays like the playmaker he is on the field.

Now--this time, its all about Terrell Owens' latest book, second one in two years, in which he speaks on what went from terrific-to-terrible in his two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles which led up to a suspension/punishment for most of season of 2005-06, and the eventual release for which he was picked up by the dreaded-gasp! and almost hated as much as he—Dallas Cowboys. There has been much speculation and lots of comments regarding the content of this book. Mostly the remarks are by so many who claim they will not read it or some who have even read it. (What’s that about?)

Okay- as you know he claims his story and any reports on him— usually the negative ones, specifically—in the past and more so with respect to the whole Philadelphia fiasco of last summer and NFL season, were not told from his perspective and were extremely one sided. This book titled, "T.O.", is his explanation to his fans, in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and everywhere, about what really happened. He describes his feelings on it and tells what he endured during this time.

I ask you: Can’t a brother have his say? Okay, so even I know T.O. wasn’t sitting down nightly at a PC typing these words out and looking up words in a thesaurus and using the grammar menu feature in Windows, but damn! Why can’t what Terrell says be taken as that? His say. We all know he is guilty of what? Talking!! And he was treated like the villain. Like he cut, gunned or killed somebody. Like he committed some crime or got arrested (talk to the Cincinnati Bengals about crime and arrests this past season. And they still considered to be aight?) or something. Here’s what I say.

To all the naysayers about T.O:


What ever, you know.

To Terrell Owens:

T.O., you still the best and only Wide Receiver I would pay to see. Keep doing what you do, baby and don’t ever weaken. Keep it real!
And T.O. -- call your GIRL, OK?

That is all this GIRL has for now.

Be easy, GIRL6 Out!

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