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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Everyday our freedoms are eroded for the sake of "national security".Everyday we are told if we even consider fighting to maintain our constitutional rights we're "aiding and abetting" and giving comfort to the "terrorists".

BAH-loney America. Wake up! Read what are the Rights of all Americans while you still can. Download a copy of the Constitution of the United States while it is still available online. Post it prominently in your home. Read it to your children daily. Make the little darlings memorize it, so that when and if the police come, and I do believe they will come to your door even though you're a law abiding good citizen, they can recite it to them and know, really let them know, they know the rights they no longer have.

We have become so terrorized by our own government and so pumped up about providing and protecting the rights of others we've forgotten about taking care to insure we provide and protect our own precious rights and freedoms, of ourselves and our children.

One day, when maybe you have been arrested for no reason at all, maybe you will know. Until then enjoy the terror. And remember the terrorists struck once-five years ago--our government has waged a war against our rights and freedoms every day since then.The first thing a dictator or authoritorian government does is take away citizens rights to object or complain. There is always a good reason...

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