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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gerald Levert 1966-2006 A Big Man with a Big Heart

As the family, friends and business associates of the lateGerald Levert, who died last week of a massive heart attack at the age of 40, offer their last respects and final good-byes we would also add our tribute to this musical artist and producer of some of the finest music of this generation.

During the past 20 years Gerald Levert grew from being just the son of singer Eddie Levert, front man for, and one of the founders of the popular R&B group the O'Jay's, to a celebrated entertainer, songwriter and producer in his own right.

Those who worked with Gerald, sang his songs, worked on albums with him and knew him personally say he was always a gentle man, always jovial, a loving son and father.

Gerald Levert was a big man, with a big heart. He was generous to a fault. His caring and concern are legendary in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The one thing he was not generous about was his own personal health. He was overweight, dangerously overweight.

We all wish he had taken better care of himself. No one knows for certain that diet, nutrition, and exercise are the key to a long life.

We extend our sincere heartfelt sympathy to the family and associates of the late Gerald Levert.

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