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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beyonce, Shawn Carter (Jay-Z), Ed Bradley, Ruth Brown, Gerald Levert , R&B Foundation, .....

Clark Dark, here, with celebrity news. An insider in the Beyonce/Jay-Z, that's Shawn Carter, camp says the birthday party scheduled for this weekend for Jigga is a cover for the real celebration....a wedding. Invited guests who were asked to have their passport applications filed by Friday of last week, were told the occasion is to be the celebration of Jay-Z's 37th b-day. It is to begin on a luxury yacht docked off the coast of the tropical Caribbean Island of St. Bart's. According to the insider whose identity remains unknown guests will be taken to Anguilla for the actual wedding ceremony. It is expected that family and friends will party in the Moorish villas that make up the five-star Cap Juluca resort.

It is reported the couple toured the party venue earlier this year. The two have been dating for four years. There has been no comment from their respective representatives to confirm or deny the report. The party is scheduled to take place this weekend. Stay tuned.....

This is the season of giving, caring and sharing. The Rhythm and Blues Foundation is a fine example of shared love,all year long, for beloved musical artists who have fallen on hard times.

In recent weeks the Rhythm and Blues Foundation lost three of its most prominent and active members. Firstly the death of Ed Bradley, renown and respected tv journalist, philanthropist and music advocate, who had been a member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation. Then came the sudden death of Gerald Levert, perfomer, composer and producer, who had been a member of the Advisory Board. Lastly, the death of Ms Ruth Brown, the foremost reason for the Foundation's existence.

It was because of the late "Queen of R&B" "the girl with a tear in her voice", and her crusade for royalty reformation that in 1987 Ahmet Ertegun, the head of Atlantic Records, aka "the House that Ruth built"; entertainment attorney Howell Begle, and Ruth Brown came to an agreement whereby the Foundation was established in 1988 to promote recognition, financial support, educational outreach, historic and cultural preservation of rhythm and blues music through various grants and programs in support of R&B and Motown artists from the 1940s through the 1970s.

During this time of year charitable organizations find it easy to collect donations. If you appreciate R&B music, and you would like ot preserve this historic art form, make the Foundation an organization one you contribute to regularly throughout the year.

You may send your tax deductable contributions to:

Rhythm and Blues Foundation
100 S. Broad Street, Suite 620
Philadelphia, PA 19110.

As you listen to and enjoy the holiday R&B oldies, remember the artists, some of whom are still alive, who made them possible. Send a gift of gratitude to the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

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