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Saturday, December 09, 2006

DreamGirls Premiere Continued With GIRL6, Spike Lee, Cedric, Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose, Danny Glover, Jennifer Hudson and More....

With more about "DreamGirls", the motion picture, here is the inimitable GIRL6:

Hey there all you "dreamy" boys and girls...GIRL6 been gone a minute, but I had to pop in and tell you all, and add to Clark's report on this past Monday night in Gotham City.(New York City for those not hip to NY lingo). The roadshow premiere of "DreamGirls" is about to hit on December 15th in selected cities, New York, Los Angeles-LA, (not Louisiana) and San Francisco and then it's gonna be HUGE on Christmas Day when it opens nationwide. As you will see ...all looked beautee-ful!! Feast and enjoy and "dream" on y'all!

The STARS of "DreamGirls" and a few of the celebrity guests at the premiere in New York:

From left Anika Noni Rose; Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles. They play members of the fictional singing group "The Dreams".

Oscar winner, and recording artist, Jamie Foxx plays the part of the group's manager. Funny guy, and actor, Eddie Murphy, who once recorded an album of songs which included the hit "Party All the Time", plays a singer who has an interest in the group.

The answers to the trivia questions:

  • Jennifer Holliday, who is still revered for her role as the vocally powerful Effie White. In the story y'all know that Effie...nah, if you don't know go see Jennifer Hudson in the role in the film, and get back to me. I hear she is fabu!
  • The tune was presented on stage by Jennifer Holliday, who also made a very successful recording of the song, too. Maybe Jennifer Hudson, a featured actor in the movie version, and a former American Idol contestant, will be as fortunate as Jennifer Holliday.
  • The original "DreamGirls" are Loretta Devine, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Deborah Burrell.
  • The director of the original stage production of the show is the late Michael Bennett. Bennett is also the genius behind the long running show, now in revival on the Great White Way, "A Chorus Line". He conceived, produced and directed the original stage production. Sadly he died at the age of 44 in 1987. The cause of death is recorded as lymphoma, a form of cancer related to Aids.
  • Loretta Devine makes an appearance in the film. I don't know what part she plays, and you know GIRL6, even if I knew I wouldn't tell. That might spoil this fun picture for you. I am not the one, okay? Notcha girl.
  • GIRL6 out!

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