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Sunday, December 10, 2006

U.S Reporters Abused Detained in Canada

This report, by DeBorah B. Pryor, found in Euro News last week, describes the situation unreported by American news media outlets of reporters Tonye Allen and Ann Brown.
"Harassed, choked and beaten severely, the journalists remain in Toronto, Canada involuntarily; and have been there, for well over a month, with no assistance from the U.S. political community. The reason why is still unclear."

Controversial community activist,Najee Ali, recognized for his vehement activism on behalf of oppressed people everywhere, has been enlisted to assist the two journalists.

Despite phone calls for assistance to the offices of black leaders across the country, Ali is the only one who has responded. Other leaders, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been busy helping actor, would-be stand-up comic Michael Richards work through his issues concerning racist outbursts, while the two journalists remain in a foreign country involuntarily.

Allen and Brown are known to many in the media via their bylines and contributions to publications including Essence magazine, Vibe magazine, Black Enterprise and in Mr. Allen’s case, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone and many hip hop publications, Mr. Ali will use his influence to connect with congressional representatives, the senate and the U. S. Embassy in Canada.

We wonder where the members of the mainstream media are when fellow journalists are in trouble. Why haven't the members of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) been heard from on this matter? More importantly we wonder what the heck is wrong with the Canadian police? We've heard the neighbors to the north copy everything the U.S. does. We've heard, too, that police brutality and unjust treatment is something all Canadians are at risk for. Blacks are just one targeted group among many.

However, it seems in this instance the arrogance of the police in Canada is being mirrored here in the U.S. The recent shootings in New York, in which a soon to be married 23 year old man was murdered by the (NYPD) police, is just one example of "cops gone wild"; police in New Orleans, Los Angeles, the Mid-west, incident after incident all across the country cases of abuse at the hands of the police. There hasn't been one statement from the U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, about investigating these matters. Will these incidents be addressed by the soon to be seated Democrats in the Senate and in the House? What's a law abiding citizen to do?

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U.S Reporters Detained and Brutalized by Canadian Police

We also wonder why the reporters, Allen and Brown who are U.S. citizens, do not simply leave, now that their credentials have been returned to them? The legal machinations could drag on for a year or more. Simply pack your belongings and leave. Return to the U.S.. Go off to South Africa, or travel the world, as you had initially intended. Exposing the evil that is exemplified in the behavior of the Canadian police can be done from other locales. We think the attitudes are a symptom of the times.
Americans supported the election of George Bush and crew because they wanted to see people tortured. It was okay to know someone would be punished for the "attacks" on September 11, 2001. The spirit of the times is an evil one. The majority of the public do not care. We believe there is a spirit of evil circulating among us.

We understand it's the holiday season, and people are busy shopping, planning for Christmas, Kwanza, New Year's and whatever else they may celebrate. We also realize this is the season named, we think inappropriately for these times, as the "giving season" or "the season of sharing". These people have been suffering since October.

If you want updates and you would care to make donations to assist Tonye Allen and Ms Ann Brown in their legal defense visit their blog for updates. The next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, January 4, 2007.

We expect it to be an adjournment to another day. That is the way the Canadian Court System, or so called justice system works. They adjourn monthly for a year or longer. The victims never know whether they are going to jail or not, it all depends, on a month by month, or even week by week basis. And then after all that who knows? The case could get thrown out of court; you could be convicted and put in jail; your arresting officers could be charged with money laundering, illegal gun trafficking, fabricating evidence and multiple counts of abuse. That being the case, it will be necessary to clear them first, before they can prosecute you. Plan on another few years of court appearances.

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49th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominations

The 49th edition of the annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 11, 2007 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California .

On Thursday the Recording Academy announced the nominations, a list which reflects a whole lot of diversity. The nominees are Mary J. Blige , a strong leader in this competition with eight nominations; while Red Hot Chili Peppers garner six, James Blunt, the Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Danger Mouse,John Williams,Rick Rubin, will.i.am and PRINCE each earn five nods. Beyoncé, Bryan-Michael Cox, Gnarls Barkley, Israel Houghton, T.I and Justin Timberlake receive four each.

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