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Friday, December 15, 2006

ATTENTION Sean Combs: This One is for you, Diddy-Don't Film in Toronto!

Hello Mr. Gilbert Sam:
I am a blogger in Central Florida.

http://youthinkwhat.com Tonye Allen/Ann Brown Police Abuse Story Part 1.

Tonye Allen/Ann Brown Police Abuse Story Part 2

I am forwarding the following email message from Ms Ann Brown who is a journalist, along with Mr. Tonye Allen, also a journalist, were detained and abused by the Canadian police. Please read and forward her message to Mr. Combs.

Today there are few cities remaining where blacks or people in general can be safe from excessive force and unbridled brutality by the police. Toronto is a city with no real long standing history of racial discord as do many U.S. cities; however the officials in Toronto and the Canadian government should be put on notice they can not expect to and will not prosper economically while mistreating American citizens regardless of their color.

Your kind consideration and assistance in this matter is appreciated.


Lola Wanns for,
Henry E. Gandolph, Administrator,

Open Letter to Sean Combs...
RE: Toronto Boycott

Dear Mr. Combs:

Congratulations on the upcoming production of the ABC TV film version of A Raisin In The Sun. We understand you will film in the City of Toronto. Having worked with you and for Bad Boy Records numerous times, including being hired as the still photographer for the last and final music video of your friend and artist The Notorious B.I.G. ("Hypnotize," L.A. shoot), we felt it was necessary to make you aware of our current plight in Toronto. It was here Tonye Allen was targeted and beaten in broad daylight by police after checking out of his hotel (see http://tonyeallenandannbrown.blogspot.com ).

We find it only ironic that the production of the Lorraine Hansberry's story of the struggles of an African-American family is being filmed here, in a city where this could happen.

We are hoping you will use your presence here to bring attention to this issue and think twice about giving Toronto your business.

Tonye Allen (aka "TRILOBITE") and Ann Brown

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