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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense Designate, Proceed With Caution

Secretary of Defense designate Robert Gates had best watch out.

He could be receiving compliments from the president. We all know when President George W. Bush tells staffers and cabinet members they are doing a good job, delivery of a pink slip, their employment termination is imminent and they should begin packing up their office belongings because their services will no longer be required despite presidential compliments to the contrary.
Robert Gates, who is very soon to be the new Secretary of Defense, recently stated during his Senate confirmation hearing he did not think the U.S. was winning the war and that all options for changing the administration's approach must remain on the table.
"It seems to me that the United States is going to have to have some kind of presence in Iraq for a long time ... but it could be with a dramatically smaller number of U.S. forces than are there today," Gates testified.

Watch out there now Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense designate, you could be out before you get unpacked.

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