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Friday, January 05, 2007

Tonye Allen, Ann Brown Latest Update On American Journalists Abused by Toronto , Ontario Police

Here's the latest information about the two American reporters, Tonye Allen and Ann Brown, who were detained and abused in Toronto, Ontario, Canada last October.

Photographer Tonye Allen made an appearance in court on the morning of Friday, January 4, 2007 only to be told he must return on Monday, January 22, 2007. The prosecution, known in Canada as The Crown, has made no offer to drop charges of assault lodged against Allen, despite his injuries which include but are not limited to the following which he suffered when he was abused and arrested by the Toronto Police on October 16, 2006:
Damaged left eye, loss of sight (previous 20-20+ vision)
Left ear loss of hearing
Lip bruised
Dislocated jaw
Abrasions/bruises on right cheek
Right and left shoulders contusions and bruises
Left wrist: deep cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Right wrist: cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Left and right hands: abrasions, nerve damage
Right ring finger dislocated
Bruised ribs
Mr.Allen was arrested while trying to hail a cab in front of his hotel in Toronto. His destination, with his fiance was the airport.

Tonye Allen and his fiancee, Ann Brown, were assaulted by several Downtown Toronto policemen from the 51st division. Mr. Allen, who did not resist, was beaten and pepper sprayed several times while handcuffed and in police custody. Ms. Brown was choked, shoved, and threatened with arrest as well.

Mr. Allen was never told why he was being detained. The arresting police refused to tell Ms. Brown where they were taking Mr. Allen. After locating the correct police station, Ms. Brown spoke with a "Det. Moyer," who said he "hadn't decided" what he was going to charge Mr. Allen with. Ultimately, Mr. Allen was charged with assault of two police and resisting arrest, times two.In bail court, Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown were called "terrorists." After Ms. Brown posted cash bail of $1,000, Mr. Allen's passport was taken by "Det. Matthew Moyer."

Mr. Allen was unarmed. He had never been arrested. He had no criminal history. He has no history of drug/alcohol abuse or psychiatric problems.

Need more information? Go to Tonye Allen and Ann Brown's Blog Site. Even though this incident occurred last fall the legal expenses continue to accrue daily. For information on how and where to make a donation to Allen's Defense fund visit Tonye Allen and Ann Brown's Blog. We will keep our readers updated as new developments take place. H.G.

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Happy New Year 2007! George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Vito Corleone; George Herbert Walker Bush, the President's Father Cries in Public

It's a brand New Year. Henry, Clark, and GIRL6, along with the entire YTW staff extend best wishes to everyone for a healthy, prosperous and joyful year.

We're excited about all the stories, opinions, and news we will be delivering to you in the new year. We thank you for your patronage, and hope that you will tell a friend about our site and our forum.

In the meantime we do have a few old news items on which we wish to comment. So hold on to your mouse here we go.....

Up first-- George Herbert Walker Bush . The presidential father, and former president was making the rounds on television quite frequently during the previous 6 weeks. He was seen almost everywhere in the company of Bill Clinton, then in television interviews with George Clooney-wherein he hinted at his interest in Britney Spears, she sans underpants, and he was seen at a Florida leadership program honoring younger son Jeb, then outgoing governor, now former governor of Florida.

Seems Bush 41 became overcome with emotion as he spoke of the courage, grace and elegance his younger son, Jeb, showed in the face of defeat when he lost the 1994 election in Florida for governor.

It was during that time G.H.W.B. and the rest of the family had bet their money on the "bob-tailed nag" and it was "the gray" that brought home the roses. (Remember, former First Lady and mother Barbara Bush stated on Dubya's inaugural day, "We always thought Jeb would be the one") . Talk about a dysfunctional family.

Everyone was so sure the winner of the gubernatorial race in Florida would be Jeb Bush, and that the loser in Texas, against the late Ann Richards, would be George W. Bush. Everyone knew that the "smart one" Jeb Bush would have the best chance to become president if he were successful in winning the race in Florida. The expectation was that George, aka Dubya, would lose the Texas race, and thus continue to be the rebellious, alcoholic, drug abusing loser he'd always been.

As fate would have it, Jeb lost to the Flroida Democrat, the late Lawton Chiles; and Dubya won defeating the popular Texas Democrat, the late Ann Richards, and as they say, "the rest is history."

Now to answer the question why Daddy Bush was crying about his boy(s).
We believe it's a set-up. Previously Jeb, the "smart one" has said he has no interest in being president, or words to that effect. International politicians, especially those in the Middle East, have stated a Bush dynasty in the White House is almost inevitable.

We agree. The choices being what they are in this country. The Democrats are in disarray, no natter what Nancy Pelosi says. What kind of choice is there to be made between a novice, freshman senator from Illinois, who happens to be of black African descent and a shrewish former First Lady everyone loves to hate?

We think G.H.W.B's tearful appearance in Florida at a leadership meeting was either a set-up or an indication of his final meltdown upon accepting that the wrong kid won the presidency. Perhaps Bush 41 realized GWB is still ,in the face of the Iraq Study Group Report, unrepentant, adamantly so, about his policies in Iraq. Maybe Bush 41 was thinking, "If only he'd take a page from Jeb's book and graciously accept that his policy decisions have been defeated."

We liken it to this: Imagine Mario Puzo's character, Vito Corleone, the Godfather, finally realizes not Michael, the youngest and brightest of his sons, not even Santino(Sonny) Corleone has ascended to control of the Corleone Family--but Fredo is runnin' the show.

Imagine how overwhelming such an actuality would be for Don Corleone? We believe this is why the president's father was crying for both his sons in public. It was the stress of six years of denying the facts. We believe that both Don Corleone, and George Herbert Walker Bush would have been less desolate to see their daughters, Connie and Dorothy respectively, in charge of the family business, than to see George or Fredo in charge.

G.H.W.B. acquiesced. It's a fact Fredo is in the Oval office.

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Tonye Allen and Ann Brown-Update on Police Brutality Incident in Toronto, Ontario,Canada

Today Tonye Allen, the American photographer of note, was to appear before a Toronto, Ontario judge in a Canadian court of law. As you may recall Mr. Allen was brutalized by the Toronto police last Octber when he and his fiance, also a journalist of some renown, Ms Ann Brown, were attempting to hail a cab to the airport. They were en route to a destination in Africa. Both were unexplicably detained by the police; later Brown, was charged with assualting an officer, despite his laundry-list of serious injuries sustained at the hands of the police. We have no information on the results of his hearing today in Canada. We will update you as soon as we have the information

Since our initial reports about the case we have received a particularly interesting comment from a person by the name of "urbanchica" who asserts Allen has previously charged some Los Angeles, California police with the same or similar offense. The writer also states Allen sued the LAPD and the FBI for exactly what we do not know; and in the opinion of the writer, "urbanchica" Mr. Allen, and Ms Brown are "scam artists that need to get a real job instead of using racism as viable employment." (sic)

This is what Ann Brown has to say about her fiance, Tonye Allen, and his trials with law enforcement. Please read what she says to refute the statements by "urbanchica":
I'd also like to point out that we are well-traveled, having between the two of us visited cities all across the U.S. as journalists, as well as Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, other parts of Canada, Jamaica, Caicos, the Bahamas, Curacao, Mexico, and have never had anything like what has happened in Toronto happen to us. We've also lived in what was consided at the time high-crime areas in New York, and still we were never, never treated like this by police, who in such areas are often at odds with residents.

We feel it is our right, and everyone's right, to question authority if you have done nothing wrong. If by our asking why we are being detained sets off a "beat down" by police, then no one is safe.

Back in L.A. we were stopped for driving "too slow" on a quiet street late one night. There were no other cars on the road. We were actually showing a visitor from New York the area. The officers who ticketed us verbally threatened us. We all (the visitor, also a minority, included) filed a complaint. The court threw out the ticket and we asked for an apology and that the officers involved be retrained, since they threatened us with bodily harm. The ACLU actually heard about the issue and contacted Tonye to be part of a class-action anti-racial profiling lawsuit. They asked him several times as they said, he, though he was not physically attacked, would bolster their case since he had no criminal record or even any major driving infractions. He finally agreed, but declined to be part of any press interviews and media coverage. This was settled and the anti-profiling law was put into place, which was the goal. Tonye did received a very small settlement (less than he'd make in a day's worth of work). Here is the information: www.aclu-sc.org/News/Releases/2000/100214.

We have no lawsuit against the FBI. The commenter is referring to a posting under www.freedomwriter.com/issue28/letters.htm, which I have repeatedly asked to be taken off. I do not know who put this there. We did not. I do know the LAPD was not very happy at all about the ACLU lawsuit and they fought hard against the suit and even against the judgement. At one point, then attorney general Janet Reno threatened to have the federal government step in and oversee the LAPD if they did not comply. They reluctantly did. So it was a major deal
If you care to contribute to Allen's defense fund go to his blog at:
http://tonyeallenandannbrown.blogspot.com/ You will also find more details about this incident.

In future posts, here, we will provide details and links to reports of simliar incidents which have taken place in Canada over the past 12-14 years. Law enforcement in the land to our north is outrageously out of control.

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