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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tonye Allen, Ann Brown, U.S. Journalists Brutalized By Toronto Police: Our Opinion

First some background on the story....
"I was beaten three times–on the street, in the hospital (and) in the police station while being strip-searched," says Tonye Allen.
That's how Tonye Allen professional news photographer tells the story of the outrageous treatment he and his fiance, also a journalist Ann Brown, received during a visit to Toronto, Ontario, Canada last October. Ironically they were on their way to the airport to catch a flight to South Africa when assaulted by several Downtown Toronto policemen from the 51st division.
"I was pepper sprayed twice...when I asked for a lawyer...and threatened by the police and prison guards."
Since that time Allen has made at least wo court appearances in Canada. At the first the judge ordered his passport be returned to him; however he must make appearances in court for hearings on this matter.
"......(I want) the charges dropped. They called us terrorists in court but I abhor terrorists of any kind, and that includes abusive authorities. I have traveled to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and the Caribbean and have never been attacked."
During Allen's latest appearance in a Toronto court, Thursday, January 4, 2007, the matter has been continued with no offer by the Crown to drop the charges against Allen. The next court date is scheduled for Monday, January 22, 2007.

Tonye Allen, a photojournalist who works professionally under the name "TRILOBITE" has had his work published in: Essence, Vibe, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, The Source Magazine, and on the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries." He has also worked for Sony Music, PolyGram Records, Def Jam Records, and Interscope Records, among others. Ann Brown, is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Essence, Black Enterprise, Upscale Magazine, The Source , and various other publications. Allen and Brown have hired a Canadian attorney.

DONATIONS to Tonye Allen's defense fund can be made at Tonye and Ann's blog site

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