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Thursday, February 01, 2007

WORDS Working Overtime with the Same Pay/ Featuring Joe Biden and Barack Obama (part 1)

Senator Joseph Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, is the latest to be scrutinized for using language considered by some media types to be "racially insensitive".
We say, "Bah-loney!" The senator was paying a compliment to another senator, Barack Obama, who just happens to be of African descent.

At least Joe Biden didn't confuse Senator Obama with that villainous terrorist leader of the terrorist group Al Qaida...you know the man George W. Bush is allegedly still hunting. No one seems to be too upset with the fact several major media outlets the most blatant offenders being CNN, and MSNBC have confused the senator from Illinois with GWB's arch enemy, not once but hundreds of times.

To us confusing the name of an American senator, who is now a candidate for president, with the name of a man believed by many to be responsible for the 9/11/2001 attacks in this country, is like making sure the people associate Barack Obama with some negative event. It's on the same level as brainwashing the populace into believing weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.

What's the big deal? Biden said the man was clean. Clean as in unsullied, upright; honorable. Senator Biden admires Senator Obama. We admire them both; in fact we're thinking an Obama/Biden ticket or a Biden/Obama ticket has a rather nice ring. What do you think?

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WORDS Working Overtime with the Same Pay/Featuring George Walker Bush (part 2)

The President weaving a tangled web of lies.

We want to say a few brief words about our president and how he missuses words to make his point. We have found him to be at the very least a tremendous prevaricator; and he doesn't always tell the truth either.

He finally conceded the "strategery" in Iraq wasn't working. He said he'd try a "new tactic". The new tactic is the same old "strategery". More troops, more loss of life on both the American and the Iraqi sides.

He said myriad weapons of mass destruction were being hidden in Iraq. Pretty tough to prove what you do not have, as was the case with the late, former dictator whom some would say is now martyred, Saddam Hussein. No WMDs were found, hidden or otherwise.

Two years ago he was lying about the advantages of investing Social Security money in the American Stock Market. His latest campaign is to get people to pay taxes on their health care insurance benefit provided by their employer.

No one seems to mind when the president tells half truths. We thought we'd venture a few guesses as to why the president doesn't tell the truth. We offer the Top 10 Reasons Why President George W. Bush Tells Lies :

    Number 10 George W. Bush believes no one believes him.
    Number 9 George W. Bush believes only the stupid people believe him; to him this is funny.
    Number 8 George W. Bush is competing with Pinocchio to see whose nose is longest. (This is compensation for other unusually small body parts.)
    Number 7 He is hoping to be called as a contestant for the prime-time network television return of the television game show "To Tell The Truth"
    Number 6 He's heard great liars have more fun, and some even become fiction writers. (The first fiction he will promote is that he is a good speaker, the second that he is a reader, the third that he can write and the last and least convincing that he is a good president).
    Number 5 He's trying to get good at lying because no one believed his lies as a child.
    Number 4 He thinks it's funny. That's why he wears that "slacker's smirk" when he lies.
    Number 3 He enjoys telling lies.
    Number 2 Doesn't think Americans can handle the truth.
And finally the
    Number 1 Reason Why President George W. Bush Lies to the American Public:

    His wife, Laura Bush, the First Lady, likes it when his nose gets long.

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