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Saturday, February 10, 2007

ALLEN and BROWN New Hearing Set For Friday, February 16, 2007, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tonye Allen, a U.S. citizen, who works as a professional photographer under the name "TRILOBITE" for many popular publications, and well known corporations, was beaten and arrested by police in Toronto last October. Allen was in the company of his fiance, Ann Brown, also an American citizen, who is a free-lance journalist in her own right. They were hailing a taxi to go to the airport to travel to South Africa when they were inexplicably attacked by police officers from the 51st Division in Toronto. They had committed no crimes, nor had they broken any laws.

Currently there is available an online petition to be signed and presented to the Canadian government to bring pressure to bear for the speedy resolution of this case for Allen and Brown.

The Canadian government is like Tina Turner, who said about herself, Ike Turner and the Ikettes on the recording of "Rolling on the River"--"We never do anything nice and easy...", and so Allen and Brown supporters in response to the government's way of apportioning (in)justice are proposing a boycott of Canadian tourism if this incident is not resolved in the prescribed manner as stated in The Petition.

The Toronto Court system from all appearances is planning on making this "defending yourself from beating yourself up in public while police watch" expensive.

Regarding the boycott of Canadian tourism we think George Bush has beat them to the punch. With the requirement that Canadians and Americans have passports to visit each other, you effectively have to plan that trip across the border two months in advance, fill out forms, take pictures and pay $100 before you have even left home. We think that is an effective tourism killer if ever there was.

We are just waiting for the fence. Gatekeepers let you in and out. Kind of reminds you of a prison. So to Tonye Allen we say maybe you only think you got out, or maybe as in the "The Cask of Amontillado" they are building the walls around you.

We are confident the dilemma will conclude in an arrangement satisfactory to
Mr Allen and Ms Brown. We ask your prayers and support.

Tonye Allen's Defense Fund for more information on how to donate.


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