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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's Day is the day in western culture when we're supposed to tell our nearest and dearest how we feel about them. We are to provide expressions of love and admiration to those whom we admire from afar. We are to give tokens to those to whom we have dedicated our love and our lives.

We believe Valentine's Day, like all of those times when we are to be loving and kind to one another, (Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, Black History Month, Channukah, Cinco de Maio, Pulaski Day, Brotherhood Week); should be an everyday activity. We strongly believe people should show love to one another everyday of the year. No one can quarrel with that, right? Wrong.
The following are examples of people of authority in situations who, by their actions, tell us they are opposed to showing love everyday.

We think President Bush should send a sincere Valentine greeting to Osama bin Laden. This greeting should express how much he admires bin Laden for providing him with a platform to stage one of the, no take that back, the most costly war the United States has every experienced.

A special Valentine's Day greetings should be sent to Florida to the Tampa Bay Police Department officials, and the Hillsbough County jail employee who prevented a young female rape victim from taking the morning after pill to terminate her pregnancy. Seems the jail employee, a religious zealot, objected to the young woman taking the second dosage of the medication. The employee's attorney says her client is prohibited from giving inmates any medication without specific orders. So the enlightened authorities of Tampa Bay and Hillsbough County jailed the young woman for 2 days
"We may need to revisit our policy." Tampa Bay Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy
Another group deserving of Valentine's Day recognition are the hospital officials at the Orlando Regional Healthcare System. These are the compassionate people who refuse to explain to a young mother why she left the hospital with no arms or legs, after the birth of her son 9 months ago. Yes, that's Florida again, just teeming with loving compassionate folks. In fact this hospital bunch is so loving that when the woman asked why this happened to her the response from hospital lawyers was:
"Ms. Mejia’s request may require legal resolution."
This answer was given her despite the fact the Florida legislature last year passed a law called, "Patients Right to Know".

Valentine's Day. It's the day to express your love. Express your love everyday in every way. Be loving and kind.

(You can read more about the rape victim and the young mother in a future post.)

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