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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Black History Canadian Style

During this month in the United States we celebrate the history of a strong ingenious people. Through years of abuse black people in the United States have survived and overcome what many consider to be insurmountable odds to be successful contributors to our society. Inventors, historians, entertainers, scientists, researchers, journalists, sports figures, fine artists, photographers, educators, literary greats and civil rights activists, all can be found among those whom we celebrate during this month wherein we honor the memory of the president who dared to liberate enslaved people in this nation as well as offer the rights of citizenship to those who would follow.

When one considers the social achievements of this nation one would think those accomplishments would extend to our neighbors to the north, the Canadian government. This is not the case.

As well all know Tonye Allen and his fiance Ann Brown were arrested and abused by Toronto police in the autumn of 2006. In reporting their story we have heard of others of color who have been similarly detained and mistreated. It has recently been brought to our attention the story of another Canadian citizen, a man who has some acknowledged celebrity in the country, a man who was unnecessarily beaten and debased by the police of a Toronto suburb.

Orlando Bowen, former CFL linebacker, age 30, says he was cuffed, beaten and then framed by two Peel police officers in a March 26, 2004 incident that left him with a concussion, a gash on his head and blackened eyes. Orlando Bowen has had some success in fighting his mistreatment at the hands of police gone wild as the initial false charges against him were thrown out. Mr. Bowen has filed a $14 million lawsuit against the police offices who violated his rights simply because of the color of his skin.

Lest you think Bowen's case against the offending officers is bogus the judge in the preliminary matter did not.

The officers charged were so disorganized in their testimony the judge ruled the testimony of the arresting officers was not believable and acquitted Bowen of all the charges in December 2005.

We salute you Orlando Bowen, a former member of the Canadian Football League, who was forced to retire due to the injuries sustained in the incident nearly 3 years ago. We also commend the family of Bowen as well for staying strong, holding fast and remaining supportive throughout this ordeal.

As for Tonye Allen's case. It has been reported the Crown, that would be the name they call the prosecution in Canada, has decided to go forth to trial with the charges against Allen.

We look forward to receiving good news about the matter wherein the charges are dropped and everything is resolved to the complete satisfaction of Allen and his fiance Brown.

Inside Scoop from GIRL6's brother Tyler:
Brothers and sisters y'all missing the Real Story. In Canada they are so racist they have Black History month in February when everything is White because they know it is so cold black people won't even go out. Now if you want to see the real black story, come out for Carribana. That's a party, the end of July and first weekend in August.

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