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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Black History Month American She-ro Rose Marie Bryon

When she was honored in 1976 by Daytona Beach, Florida, mayor Larry Kelly, Rose Marie Bryon stated her motivation for helping children was that she had grown up as one of these children. The late Rose Marie Bryon was an educator and a civil rights activist in the Central Florida area. She died in 1991 at the age of 84. Ms Bryon taught school for more than 40 years. She was also an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She was the founder of the children's center which today bears her name.
"My children come here feeling like they're nobody. I teach them to hold their heads up and be somebody." Rose Marie Bryon
Ms Bryon graduated from Bethune High School, but she had no money for college. When the school's founder Mary Mcleod Bethune asked how Bryon intended to pay for her college education, Bryon said, "I thought you would let me go on credit."

And so Bethune allowed Bryon to register for college at the historically black institution. BRyon went on to teach at the Keyser Laboratory School to repay her tuition debts.

In 1948 Rose Marie Bryon successfully fought a 12 month battle to attain equal pay for black teachers. At the time black teachers were paid about one half the rate of white teachers.

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