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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Super Bowl XLI in Miami Florida: Historic Event for NFL Girl6

Our favorite chocolate cutie GIRL6 has a report about the NFL's big game in Miami, Florida.
This month’s Super Bowl 2007 in Miami Florida marks the first time two black coaches (I don’t use the label "African-American" y’all because I don’t see black folk in America just African and American in this country) to take NFL teams to this great game and no matter the outcome—one will be the winning coach. The first ever!!! This is something to shout about (and during Black History Month at that!) This is something to be proud of!

Tony Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts

and Lovie Smith, the head coach of the Chicago Bears

both men have excelled in the NFL for some time. They are not new names in the league. Both have a more than 20 year career history in the league; and part of that history is together in Tampa Florida with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Both have many times, often in interviews, expressed a great fondness and admiration for one another. Both men are adept at fielding all the questions coming at them in regard to how they feel about the various issues they find them selves involved in during sucha major event.

I have watched them more closely than ever during the lead up to this game. To me they exemplify the true meaning of great men with nothing but pure class about themselves in everything.

What I love most is they award their young players so much honor and tend to speak modestly about themselves; they put the focus to their teams and what getting to this fantastic moment of their playing careers should mean for the players.

I applaud them for that. I also applaud them for not letting the media put a negative twist, turn and spin on everything leading up to game day.

It is a great legacy and precedent to represent, to be the first black coaches to lead their teams and participate in the great game but more importantly I feel it can open up anyone’s mind that with hard work, perseverance, class, sacrifice and a style of one’s own you can do just about anything in life, reach a pentacle and achieve the utmost of goals.

Now on to some other great Super Bowl news….the one and only PRINCE was the half time entertainment featured artist for this year’s game and he was exciting as h**!!(Sorry, but this GIRL is all too familiar with this man and I am just too thrilled to have witnessed another awesome performance by His Purpleness!) This was the best half time show in 10 years, even rated better than the Tittie-gate show.

PRINCE is more than just one of the world's most popular and influential musicians --he is an international icon. One of the greatest living performers of our time, he has sold nearly 100 million albums and is a member of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He has won six Grammy Awards (he's one of the leading nominees this year with five Grammy nominations) and five American Music Awards. He has one of the most recognizable and successful bodies of work of any musician, consisting of 20 Top 10 hits which include "Purple Rain," "Little Red Corvette," "1999," "Kiss," "When Doves Cry," "Cream," "Diamonds and Pearls" and countless others. There is no question that when it comes to his achievements, Prince has made an indelible mark on rock 'n roll history.

Word on the skreet, that's right I said, "skreet", according to Las Vegas reporter Alicia Jacobs, of tv station KVBC-TV in Las Vegas, PRINCE is due to cut ties with the Rio Hotel on March 31st, in order to begin touring to promote his latest album "3121." A spokesman for the Rio Hotel, the club has been dubbed Club 3121, told the Las Vegas Review Journal that no end date has been confirmed as of yet. Stay tuned for tour dates ....

So on that note, y’all---hope you had a fabulously historic February
This GIRL is out!

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ACADEMY AWARDS Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Wille D.Burton Make Black History

GIRL6 with a very uplifting and historical entertainment report from Hollywood.

    Well, well,well!! Congratulations to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for making some more history. Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker were this year's recipients of the prestigious little gold man statue with the midas touch..OSCAR! Forest Whitaker received his OSCAR for Best Actor for his magnificent portrayal of the dictator who murdered many, Idi Amin in the feature "The Last King of Scotland". Ms Jennifer Hudson won her trophy for her break out-first-time-ever-newby-performance in the dazzling "Dreamgirls" for Best Supporting Actress.

    As Ms Beyonce, Hudson's co-star in the film, put it when asked her impression of the nominees for this year's top award program,
    "This was a great year for African-Americans in film. I am just so happy to be here on this night."
    It was a good year..with Eddie Murphy Best Supporting Actor nominee; Djimon Hounsou, also Best Supporting Actor nominee; Will Smith, Best Actor nominee; Willie D. Burton, sound engineer extraordinaire and a member of a nominated sound mixing team for the movie "DreamGirls"(who also won BTW!)

    Jennifer and Forest...it was terrific to have multiple mentions in ONE year to look forward to! I mean there is still a long way to go with nearly 80 years of existence of the Academy, and several more years more of film making and hundreds of blacks in film over those years, today's numbers in comparison may be small but it is starting to look like something we can look forward to every year now...names and all to be considered and honored for all their work.

    I am,personally, just overwhelmed for Forest Whitaker!

    This man has been the man in so many films. He has been such a revelation over the years and memorable for every performance he has delivered. He becomes something we get into, watch and when over--can never forget. Whitaker was the plastic surgeon in "Johnny Handsome" (1989)Who can forget his quietly, irresistibly sympathetic performance as a British soldier kidnapped by the IRA in Neil Jordan's highly praised "The Crying Game" (1992)? I thought the brotha was an Englishman, fo' real!

    And as a director...well, he brought us his director's vision in "Waiting to Exhale", as well as his directorial skills in the Whitney Houston video for the song "Shoop-shoop" from the film. He directed Saundra Bullock in "Hope Floats" (1998). All this was followed by Whitaker becoming the host of UPN's revival of "The Twilight Zone" (2002-2003), and later executive producer of the highly acclaimed TNT original film "Door to Door" (2002) starring William H. Macy.

    What more can we say? I tell folks all the time, "Idi Amin too strong for you? Then check his portrayal of the great Charlie Parker in the Clint Eastwood directed "Bird". You'll be convinced, Forest Whitaker is one of the greats.

    Academy Award winner, and winner of the Golden Globe Jennifer Hudson

    (those words will always precede your name whenever you are introduced)...well girlfriend, you showed that Simon Cowell didn't you? He said you had no "depth", over the top and would never get a recording deal.
    "You only get one chance at it, and the people who don't win will never be seen again."Simon Cowell to Jennifer Hudson backstage at American Idol, as re-told by Jennifer Hudson
    Hold up that OSCAR girl!! You are the poster girl now for every negative comment, let down, and insult ever voiced by Cowell to the contestants on that American Idol show and now they can just keep going 'cause they know there is a real possibility of success for them if they choose to continue to pursue a dream. They may have or hold on to hope in their heart after he delivers a blow to try and shatter them. You are the perfect reason NO ONE should take HIM seriously at all!

    I LOVE IT! I will nothing but continued success for this young sister and all that will come her way. I also appreciate the honors publicly she has given to Jennifer Holliday who created Effie( the character Hudson portrayed in the movie version of the Broadway play from 25 years ago), and also to the late Florence Ballard, the Supreme who suffered so but whose spirit embodied Effie. These ladies must never be forgotten.

    For Eddie, Djimon and Will--their day will come too. I just know it.

    See the next post for more entertainment news our fav GIRL6.

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Rose Marie Bryon: A Black American She-ro (continued)

The sound of a noisy basketball game on a Sunday afternoon was Rose Marie Bryon's inspiration to build a center for children. Rose Marie Bryon was a generous and caring individual. She was a teacher and a fine example to her community and her family.Of all the deeds Rose Marie Bryon is remembered for it is the fact she taught the children to have pride in themselves and to love others.

Rose Marie Bryon, herself from a family of 10 children, raised only one biological daughter,Joy Bryon, who has followed in her dedicated mother's path and teaches school in Jacksonville. Rose Marie Bryon also raised 30 foster children who to this day share a kindred spirit with Joy Bryon because they all have the same training.

Executive director of the Rose Marie Bryon Children's Center in Daytona Beach, Janet Elam Bryant, along with the staffers, have established as their goal a continuation of the work begun by Ms Bryon. Their purpose is to provide the skills to set the foundation for the children to enhance their ability to learn; the goal is to encourage the children to be motivated to succeed in life.

We honor African American She-ro Rose Marie Bryon and the people who carry on her legacy in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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