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Friday, March 02, 2007

Duke University to Host Rapper Common in April Concert; GrandMaster Flash, Van Halen, Ronnie Spector Join Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

YTW's Ace Investigative Reporter, Clark Dark, has news that is sure to make you wonder....Clark.
Just when you thought there had been enough controversy on the campus of Duke University, it was recently announced that the headlineer for the Last Day of Classes Concert in April at Duke University will be the rapper Common. That's right Common. The man who so vociferously spoke his mind last year while performing at Emory University stating a profane diss about the La Crosse players at the school during a free-style rap.

As you may recall last year controversy erupted and remained constant as the story of how several Duke University La Crosse team members were charged with sexual assault of an exotic dancer who'd been hired to perform at a private party for the all male team of athletes.

Seems Mr. Common wasn't as outraged as he appeared. He accepted the gig to perform April 25 at Duke University. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Last Day of Classes, (LDOC) committee members were in the dark about Common’s comments. Some members said they would even seek to cancel his scheduled performance if it were possible to do so.

Beth Higgins, chairwoman of the committee says, "After looking through the contract and talking to his agency, it just really wasn't possible, and it wasn't really something that we were seriously considering because [the contract is] legally binding." Now for some uplifting news from the world of modern music:
Grand Master Flash, and the Furious Five, will be honored at the next induction ceremony, as well as Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes, that wonderful girl group from the 60s famous for the "wall of sound" production technique.

Others to be added to the Hall are: Patti Smith,and Van Halen. There will be a special performance tribute to the late Ahmet Ertegun, who served as the Chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and spoke at the beginning of each annual induction ceremony, to be given by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.
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