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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Walter Reed Hospital: What's All The Fuss About??

We just don't understand what all the hoopla is about with the conditions at and treatment dispensed by the Walter Reed Veterans Hospital facility in Washington, D.C.!

This venerable medical institution has been serving our bravest and best for nearly 100 years.

It was in May of 1909 that the hospital took in its first patients for treatment. Other agencies, such as Walter Reed Institute of Research, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Army Physical Disability Agency, and tenant institutions have been added throughout the years, as well as other smaller medical units.

After nearly 100 years of actively treating and serving the community in Washington, D.C. and from around the world we don't understand why Walter Reed Hospital and its fine staff of medical professionals, both practitioners and administrators is the recipient of such brutal criticism. According to their web site, the hospital admits 16,000 patients a year. Even during the many organizational changes that have taken place within the facility, there has never been an interruption of service as they relate to the associated agencies.

Patients can be assured of receiving the same fine treatment today as they receved when the facility opened nearly 100 years ago.

We think it's a nice touch that there are mice in the building, especially in the patients rooms. They mice keep the patients company. Everyone knows human companionship, and in lieu of that animals as companions help to speed recovery.

Afterall, if the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, receives treatment at Walter Reed Hospital it can not be that bad.

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