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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iraq War: Denying The UnDeniable

Civilizations, nations and individuals all share the same fate when refusing to confront the truth. In this case we speak of the war in Iraq. Clearly, it is an understatement to say, the war in Iraq is a mistake. It is often difficult for individuals and governments to own up to making errors in judgement; epsecially when these errors mean the loss of lives of our most precious resource, our youth.Everywhere we hear of the front runners in the race for the golden ring, the presidency of the United States, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Edawrds, Christopher Dodd, even John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, have stepped forward in their own inimitable obtuse way to renounce the decision to go to war in Iraq.

We, the hapless citizens of the country, were bamboozled into believeing that we were taking revenge on the appropriate parties for the tradgedy of September 11, 2001, when we were told the late dictator Sadaam Hussein not only supported the terrorists who came from Saudi Arabia, but had weapons of mass destruction. Heck they may have well told us the terrorists wanted to kill Tom Cruise for all the anger and resentment built up around the events of 9/11/2001. We were very gung-ho to get retribution, to punish somebody for what we, as a nation, had suffered on that day.

Now, nearly four years later, we are coming to realize this conflagration in the Middle East has not come about because there was a basis on fact for the invasion of a people who had done us ho harm. We are learning that there are other reasons for the invasion, not the least of which is to punish the allgeged guilty parties for attempting to unsuccessfully plan the assassination of several of our American presidents.

More than 3, 000 young men and women have been wasted, er um, make that sacrificed, for the greed and avarice of some political movers and shakers in Washington. Thousands more have been crippled and maimed. Today few who are in power, senators and congressional representatives are willing to state directly that they made a mistake when they endorsed President's Bush's initiative to invade Iraq based on incorrect information collected from bogus sources.

We say it is time the American public, all of the American public, including government leaders, faced the facts. America is losing the war. America has, like Viet Nam, lost the war in Iraq. It is a straightforward fact.

We will only become weak as a society because we do not face and accept the fact we were mislead by our president and the situation in Iraq as well as all over the Middle East is not improving, but getting worse everyday.

An increase in the number of troops and material will not save our national face. The only thing to do is to plan to pull out as quickly as possible. Let us follow the lead of our close ally the United Kingdom. Let the people of Iraq sort it out on their own...if they can with 15 plus U.S. military bases in the area. End the war today. Bring the troops home now!

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