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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alberto Gonzales: If You Hear The Words "You're Doin' a Good Job" From GWB's Lips Be Very Afraid

Alberto "The Torturer" Gonzales the now beleaguered Attorney General of the United States, the man whom Senator Chcuck Hagel describes in an understatement as having "a credibility problem", has been called upon by Democrats and REpulbican legilators alike to to step down over his conflicting statements on how involved he was in the dismissals last fall of eight federal prosecutors. Democrats say the prosecutors' firings were politically motivated. We suspect the loyal opposition could be right. A review of a history of blatant and covert dirty tricks by Republicans in recent as well as past history would substantiate our suspicions.As shocking as the revelation is, that the head of the United States Department of Justice is all about anything but justice, there is even more shocking news. President Bush has afixed the nickname "Fredo" to the USAG as in Mario Puzo's character in the novel "The Godfather".

Many of you read a post where in we likened to George Walker Bush being the "Fredo of American politics". We made this observation after his father, aka GWHB or GB, Sr, made a public spectacle of himself as he suffered what appeared to us to be a mental collapse upon finally accepting the fact his eldest son is very much like the Puzo character Don Vito Corleone's middle boy, Fredo, a dimwitted fool.

Now to find the Resident of the United States refers to the Attorney General of the United States as "Fredo" is more than we can stand. This is far worse than kettle calling pot names. We wonder...how low the intellect of one must be to hire "Fredo" as legal counsel, much less appoint him the head of the nation's department of Justice?? Speaking of low intellect, how much of a deficit does one have to have to elect Fredo President of the United States???

Alberto what we know, from past performances by GWB, is if you hear the words, "Gonzales, you're doin' a good job" or "Your job, Alberto, (Fredo) is secure", we would advise you begin packing your stuff immediately. Just ask Brownie or Donald they can tell you about their experience was following those fateful words.

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