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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus, Rutgers, Michael Richards and You

Once again ladies and gentlemen of the Internet,the staff and administrators of YouThinkWhat have taken a headline right out of today's news and turned it into what we believe could become a very popular and lucretive television entertainment idea.

As you may recall we proposed the idea of Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson, "Twenty-first Century Fugitives" with the associated spin-off series featuring George "Dumbya" Bush and "Dead-eye" Dick Cheney, and another show featuring the exploits of Michael "I'm-Not-A-Racist" Richards.

We suggest a program that is sure to please. How can it miss when 93% of whites polled say there's nothing wrong with radio personality Don Imus' characterization of the Rutgers University Women's basketball team as a "bunch of nappy headed 'ho's", and 93% of blacks polled disagree and say his remarks are absolutely racist and offensive?

With those kind of numbers and that kind of attention the show is sure to be in the top five.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Don Imus, a 40 year veteran of morning, afternoon, evening, drive-time, late-night radio, who is a drugged out, serial spouse, alcoholic, philandering, reprobate, this flurry of scandal and the uproar in the wake of his rude and insensitive remarks about the young women of Rutgers University is music to the old coot's ears. When Howard Stern came on the air Imus took a definite back seat to the newest broadcasting bad-boy. Now that Stern has been relegated to the satellite air and Imus is still floundering in regular radio air this controversy is just what the old dude needs to pump up his profile.

To this we add our program suggestion: Don Imus on Tour with Michael Richards:
"We're Not Bad Men. We Just Say Bad Things" Tour. Each week as Imus or Richards makes his claim to justify allegedly benign, but racist remarks, the audience waits to see who will be the first to snatch either or both of them and give the trashing, make that ass whippin', they so well deserve. A beating deserved as much for the remarks as well as for the stupidity expressed in the remarks.

ABC. NBC, FOX, FX any cable channel outlet...you need to call us. We have lots of exciting program ideas. The sponsors will love it! It'll be Boffo...we guarantee it!

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