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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tonye Allen, Ann Brown Still Await Justice in Canada

That's right photo-journalist Tonye "TRILOBITE" Allen and his fiance , also a journalist, Ann Brown , both U.S. citizens, continue to await a resolution to their dispute with the Crown, that's what they call the government in Canada, the land to our north, for charges lodged against Allen and Brown last fall.

Allen and Brown had committed no crimes, nor had they broken any laws.

The Canadian government is, as we previously stated, like Tina Turner, who said in reference to herself, Ike Turner and the Ikettes "We never do anything nice and easy...". From all appearances the government of Canada is intent on making this "defending yourself from beating yourself up in public while police watch" costly. Just ask Allen's legal representative Jason Bogle who himself was arrested for being black in Ontario.

How's a sovereign government gonna make ends meet when tourism isn't enough, eh?

We continue in the confident hope this dilemma will conclude in an arrangement satisfactory to Mr Allen and Ms Brown. We ask your continued prayers and support.


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We say let's all get on the peace train with a positive conclusion in mind for Allen and Brown. Let's just see the end of this ordeal as being resolved with Allen and Brown having their freedom, which has been withheld from them for more than 6 months, fully restored.

NEXT COURT DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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