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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tonye Allen and Ann Brown...Another Delay

For those of you who have been following the case of hip-hop photographer Tonye "Trilobite" Allen and his fiance, journalist Ann Brown, we have an update. Allen and Brown have received yet another delay in receiving the justice they so rightly deserve.

The Crown, that's what they call the prosecution in Canada, has postponed once again the trial, hearing or whatever the next step is in freeing these innocent Americans from this nightmare that began last fall in Toronto.

As you may recall Allen and Brown were on their way to the airport, last October, when they were stopped, detained and beaten by some rogue Toronto police officers. These 2 American citizens have been waging a battle for their freedom for more than 6 months, The Canadian government is determined to wear'em down, and in the end run up legal costs for both their private legal attorney and for the government.

While Jesse and Al go after some cantankerous old coot named Imus, Allen and Brown are fighting the system in Ontario to prove their innocense without the assistance of the so-called movers and shakers in the U.S. Apparently Jesse and Al, nor anyother prominent alleged power brokers in the U.S. have power to help Allen and Brown in Canada.

Rather than admit they were in error, punish the police officers for persistently tormenting two individuals who have broken no laws, and dismiss the charges against Allen for beating himself up, the Canadian government, the Crown, continues to pursue this matter in the courts.

We say it will be a very cold day in Ontario before we spend anytime on vacation in that country to the north.

Next court date: May 1, 2007...let's hope this tiime there will be a satifactory resolution. No more delays. Let's just end this matter so they can return to their lives.

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Russell Simmons Puts the Kibosh on Bad Words in Rap

It's about time. Russell Simmons ,the world renown hip-hop, multi-millionaire, executive has recommended eliminating certain words from the recording industry, considering them "extreme curse words."

We do not think it necessary to tell you what those words are. We believe everyone knows them all too well after years of being inundated with them in all manner of mediocre alleged artistic expression in rap and hip-hop genres.

Simmons call for abolishing the use of the offensive words in the recording idustry comes after acknowledgement that the rap/hip-hop sector has experienced a serious decline in the number of sales of this type of spoken word artistry (?).

We look forward to the next level of rap and hip-hop. we look forward to hearing for inspiring, uplifting lyrics from the current generation of recording stars. We can only hope things will improve, and respect for women and black will be the order of the day.

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