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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boris Yeltsin 1st Russian President Dead At 76

Boris Yeltsin, a man who will forever be known as a reformer of the Soviet Communist party is dead at age 76. Yeltsin who suffered suffered heart problems for years, undergoing surgery shortly after his disputed re-election as Russian president in 1996, died on Monday, April 23, 2007 in a Moscow hospital.The Kremlin unceremoniously announced the demise of the man whom many describe as the Russian leader who presided over the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Communist Party.

Boris Yeltsin came to office just at the beginning of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. He held the office of president for less than 9 years, when of his own choosing he resigned in 1999 turning over leadership to current President Vladimir Putin.

President Putin, in a statement, has declared April 25, 2007 a day of national mourning for Yeltsin who in his words had given the country demomcracy as its first elected president.

The body of the former president will lie in state while Russians pay their last respects overnight in Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral. Yeltsin will be buried on Wednesday at the city's Novodevichy cemetery.

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Abolish the N-word: Julian Curry Speaks

We discovered this young man and his artistic talents while listening to a radio program yesterday. Michael Baisden, known as the "Bad Boy of Radio" has a controversial radio program heard across the nation. Baisden is known for discussing topics that range from "Should I Purchase a Motorcycle?" to calling for rappers and lyricists to provide more uplifiting material in their performances. During his most recent broadcast he spoke very highly of Julian Curry. Apparently Curry made an appearance on the Def Poetry television show last month.

Blaisden was unable to play an excerpt of Curry's poem about Black pride and history on his program because Curry uses the N-word in what on the face of it seems excessive.We visited Baisden's web site and found a forum wherein there is alink to a video recording capturing Curry's televsion performance.

Please note: there is a method to the artist's use of the word throughout the piece. It's kind of like the comedian Bernie Mac's explanation of how to use the term mother trucker, only better. Click here to see Julian Curry's performance.

We searched the Internet to get information about this talented young man. If you know anything about him, please comment. We want to know more. We think he is a skilled wordsmith. We wish him success!

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