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Monday, April 30, 2007

The American 2 Party System: Hypocritical and More Hypocritical

Over the weekend the California Democratic Party Convention was held in San Diego. There Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards along with other well known Democrats worked the crowds and told the people what they want to hear.

Meanwhile President Bush has promised to veto a military funding bill which is linked to a withdrawal plan for US troops in Iraq. Here's what we think about these events.

We call the two parties The Hypocritical Party and the More Hypocritical Party. That's our name for the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats are the party of Hypocrites (the Hypocritical Party); the Republicans can be aptly described as More Hypocritical.

We see it this way: Members of The More Hypocritical Party find fault with nearly everything the Hypocritical Party does. The members and representatives of the More Hypocritical Party say to the Hypocritical Party members, "You need to be more like us. We must say in the last few years you've been trying to emulate our behavior by embracing family values; voting for the war based on lies told by the leaders of our More Hypocritical Party, but you're not there yet. You must be More Hypocritical. You must simply state as we do 'Everything we do is for the good of the people while we know it is exclusively for the good of ourselves. We don't do nuthin' for the good of the majority, unless it's good for the majority of the More Hypocrital' "

In the Hypocritical Party, during the past few months a certain shrewish, Shrill-ery female member of the U.S. Senate representing the State of New York; a former First Lady, whose name we refuse to disclose, has been reluctant to say she erred in voting for the current United States invasion of Iraq. This weekend we heard her state, quite optimistically, when she gets to the White House as president, the first thing she'll do is pull out of Iraq. Wow! We can't wait to hear more of what she plans to do to explain away the error of voting to be there in the first place.

Then there's the newbie in the Senate from Illinois who some have characterized as the "Magic Negro". He, too, is a member of the Hypocritcal Party. Many American voters do not know what he stands for. We just know we like him. He has a vision, but we're not clear on what he sees. We just know we like him more than the other members of the Hypocritical Party although that is not saying much really. This unfortunately is a stategery (to quote wannabe King George) that has worked well in the past for the incumbent president. It could work again. It could be another successful page taken from the play book of the More Hypocritical Party.

And so good readers that is the way we see the American 2 Party System. It's filled to overflowing with the Hypocrital and the even More Hypocrital. Too bad we don't have more choices.

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