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Monday, May 14, 2007

George Bush As Competent in the Presidency As An Eight Year Old

Gentle readers it's official. Our American president, George Walker Bush is as articulate as an eight year old.

Imagine, say an episode of the original StarTrek where Captain Kirk and crew land on a planet with a nation run by a child. I'm sure there must have been an episode like that. How does the saying go? "Truth is stranger than fiction". Seems Gene Roddenberry was more than a great science fiction writer he was prescient too.

Who knew that George Herbert's and Barbara's oldest chiuld would grow up to be the President of the United States? It's clear they did not expect it. See Daddy Bush exhibit a mental collapse in public upon the realization that the stupid one really did when the White House and he's truly amking a mess of the country. They didn't even bother to spend any time trianing Dumbya for the job. That's how certan his own family was that he had no shot. We all know he had to do as he had done so often durng his college days...cram for the big exam, once his selection to the executive gig for the nation was secured.

Unfortunately, there are no Cliff Notes one can review to prepare for being the leader of the free world. Describing himself as the "Commander guy" makes us all painlfully aware of what we've suspected all along.

In this recent devastatingly idiot pronouncement, made while explaining why he vetoed an Iraq war spending bill that mandated a program for troops to be phased out of Iraq he said:
The questions is, 'Who ought to make that decision, the Congress or the commanders? As you know, my position is clear- I'm the comander guy.
with this ridiculous remark he has confirmed that somewhere there is an eight year old who could possibly be more competent to be more presidential when speaking to the nation via the press. Send in names. We'll post them.

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Racine Wisconsin: Love and Charity Homeless Shelter

Mother's Day was Sunday, May 13th. Some mothers were celebrated by their children in a very big way. Some mothers were honored by faith-based organizations, families and community groups.

We suggest you honor a woman who has been the mother to hundreds in the Racine,Wisconsin area. We say you ought to send a donation or give of your time and honor Mrs. Louise Hunter, known as Mother Hunter. Louise Hunter, a kindly woman, has helped hundreds, probably thousands over the last 40 years to survive. In many cases they have survived to go on to achieve success never thought possible when they met Mrs. Hunter.

Make a donation of your time, some clothing, food even cash to help Mother Hunter and her staff continue the divinely inspired work she performs.

Love and Charity Homeless Shelter
1031 Douglas Avenue
Racine, Wisconsin 53403
Telephone 262-634-7059
email: lovencharity2@yahoo.com

Tell Mrs Hunter, Henry and the crew at YouThinkWhat suggested you give them a hand for Mother's Day or any day.

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