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Monday, May 21, 2007

Jimmy Carter versus George Bush

Ladies and gentlemen.....in this corner we have former president, number 39, peanut farmer and U.S. Naval officer, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner, James E. "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. In this corner we have beleagured current president, number 43, once AWOL U.S. Coast Guard Commissioned Officer George Walker Bush. Let's get ready to rumble!

We think it is shocking that a sitting president who is considered by most to be "irrelevant" has called out his aides to say Carter, the former president who sharply criticized the Bush administration's perfomance, is "increasingly irrelevant".

We think it ironic that Carter has approval numbers that dwarf those of the current president.

Perhaps it isn't so shocking when one considers the fact this president is struggling to have a legacy that will have him leave a favorable impression in the minds of Americans everywhere.

This administration has demonstrated it is very sensitive when it comes to criticism, especially when it comes from a former Democratic president who holds back no punches.

We believe Carter is right on in his read of the situation. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's perfomance was "abominable". George Bush has been reckless. He has exhibited reckless disregard for the rule of law and common sense at home and abroad.

We like the idea that Carter has, in his assessment of the situation, separated Bush from the American people in order to provide clarification for the rest of the world that the people of the United States do not stand behind this failed administration.

We have not seen;the White House aides fighting back with comments relating to the merits of what Carter has said; they simply say his blunt remarks are of no consequence.

They say Carter, because of his harsh comments about George W. Bush, is "increasingly irrelevant". If this were true why bother to be so quick and agressive to respond?

We believe Jimmy Carter's critique is just what is needed at this time in world history. As the president's popularity declines there is a need for more dissenters to speak about on what is wrong and to supply remedies, ideas, and suggestions for what is needed to repair the condition of this nation and the world.

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CYNTHIA BIGGS: She Wrote That Song, Too??

A friend who has met and regularly speaks with this composer of love songs puts it this way, "While I was in college getting my education you were writing some of the most beautiful music, the most wonderful lyrics, and all I was doing was being a college student listening to your songs."
Cynthia Biggs, one of the songwriting, music producing stars of the 1970s, makes her home in the Philadelphia area. As the children say, she still looks good, and she's still composing beautiful songs.

She's still involved with music as she studies for her doctorate. She's still inspiring young songwriters. From time to time she performs.

We love you because you wrote the songs that have touched us in playful or romantic or whimsical ways. We love and admire your talent, your creative ability to express yourself and our sentiments through music.

To you we give a resounding "Thank you", for the joy and music you have provided for our lives and the lives of those who follow us....'cause we are sure the children will be rockin' to "Nights Over Egypt" up in da club.

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