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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The 2007 Hurrican Season Has Begun-We Offer a Suggestion for Prevention

June begins the start of the hurricane season. From now until November 30th folks who live in the areas most susceptible to the damaging affects of hurricanes will be watching television weather reports, listening to weather radios and reading newspaper weather forecasts to stay informed of impending severe changes in the weather.

We've been thinking about how hurricanes can be prevented. Because the current administration is big on building fences we offer for your consideration a proposal whereby the government begins to build a fence of fans along the eastern coast of the United States right down through the Gulf of Mexico.

The purpose of this huge fence would be to prevent the strong winds of the hurricanes from damaging homes in these locations. It would also stop terrorists from paddling here in their canoes--it would blow them away. The fence could theoretically stop the flooding that results from the torrential rains that accompany hurricanes. The fence could protect from the high winds that blow trees and cause millions of dollars worth of destruction forcing people to evacuate their homes and causing them to be unemployed.

The fence could blow all the hurricanes towards Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, that should make some people happy; although some people would suggest Chavez is such a blowhard he would probably blow the hurricanes right back.

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