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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Annika Sorenstam Lacks Class

That Anika Sorenstam a full grown woman has the unmitigated gall to disrespect 17 year old Michelle Wie shows only Anika Sorenstam's lack of class or respect and full blown jealousy.

I am no fan of Michelle Wie or ladies golf but come on get real since when does a grown woman take pot shots at a child? Any adult knows you can intimidate youth, simply because they lack experience. It is the lack of experience and establishment of confidence that any young professional has to establish. What business is it of Anika Sorenstam that Michelle Wie withdrew from a tournament? None. The only reason Anika Sorenstam is slamming Michelle Wie is that Anika, this aging female golfer who looks like a truck ran over her, is jealous of Michelle Wie and her 20 million dollars of endorsements.

Some claim that Wie pulled out for fear of scoring an 88 which would have banned her from further tournament play. Wie dismissed this claim, but even if it were true, that shows only intelligence. Only a fool persists in a bad situation hoping it won't get worse.

Wie has not played for almost five months because her wrist was injured. This was her first tournament back. No doubt her wrist is still bothering her, or she is not quite used to it, or in full playing shape. So what, that is to be expected.

Others critisized Wie for practising only two days after withdrawing from the tournament. Say what? What is she supposed to do, wait two months after the tournament out of respect, as if there had been a death? Isn't that what you are supposed to do? If something knocks you down, get back up. Isn't practising the logical response to a problematic wrist causing playing difficulties? Isn't it likely she needs to strengthen and work with her wrist?

Michelle Wie did the right thing in withdrawing and she needs to make sure she does not take advice from people who do not have her best interests at heart. This is the kind of thing the malicious do to get you to betray your best interests trying to prove to them and thus making mistakes out of a false sense of honor and pride.

Michelle Wie owes nothing to the over the hill has been Anika Sorenstam, but she does owe it to herself and her career to ensure she is in the best of shape and enjoys a long successful career ahead of her.

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