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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leslie Southwick, George Bush : Just Say "No" To This Unsatisfactory Federal Judicial Nominee!

In the previous post we told you how we agree with Kanye West's statement about the president not caing about black people. We showed his lack of concern for blacks minorities and the poor, generally speaking, anyone who is not of his constituency "the Haves and the Have-mores", as displayed in his choices of nominees for federal judicial appointments in an area with a large black population. The black population of the state of Mississippi is nearly 40 percent.

There are 2 vacant seats on the Fifth Circuit. Actually there 17 seats with 15 occupied. 11 of those positions are held by Republicans, including 3 appointees by GWB. Only one seat on the Fifth Circuit is held by a black. The current nominees are white. There are 3 seats on the Fifth Circuit that by tradition are designated to be filled by jurists from Mississippi. Leslie Southwick, born in Texas, is a son of the south and an adopted son of Mississippi.

Leslie Southwick's judicial record indicates in most cases he sides with the employer. In the only case on record in which he sided with an employee it was when he ruled to re-instate an employee who worker who was rightfully fired for calling a black colleague "a good ole nigger." He justified his ruling by stating the phaseology was the same as being call ed the teacher's pet. Southwick displayed a total deprivation of comprehension of the detestable effect of this offensive language when he accepted the social worker’s claim that the use of the slur was "not motivated out of racial hatred or animosity directed toward her co-worker or toward blacks in general." The Mississippi Supreme Court later overturned the decision to re-instate the employee.

We believe judges must be committed to equal justice. Judge Southwick, has proven time and again that he is not pledged to this intention. Visit the Alliance for Justice to review Leslie Southwick's record
. If you are sufficiently appaled by his judicial record contact your represenative in the United States Senate or the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell them to just say "NO!" to Leslie Southwick. The vote comes up again on Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Leslie Southwick, Charles Pickering, George Bush and You

"George Bush doesn't care about black people," so said rapper and music producer Kanye West during the debacle that was hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the fall of 2005.

Many people disparaged West for making the comments. They said it was ill-timed. They said it was inappropriate because it was stated during a fund raising effort to help those affected by the storm.

We say now as we said then, "Right on, Kanye!" if not the, when? We are glad it was a rapper who spoke those words to underscore the actions by the president seen around the world as callous and inhumane.

The president has proved over and over again his lack of care for the poor, and people of color. In our estimation he is an equal opportunity bigot; he is a snob about economic status. If you are among his constituency, the "Haves and the Have-mores" as they say in the vernacular, "You aight with Dubya!"

Here's another example of how much George Bush, president of all the people, is concerned about the judicial welfare of all the people, despite his frequent pronouncements of being a "uniter not a divider."

Twice the president nominated Charles Pickering to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The Fifth Circuit includes district courts in Louisiana, (eastern, middle and southern districts) Texas, (eastern,northern, southern and western districts) and Mississippi (northern and southern districts). Pickering's record as a judge has been described as demonstrating "insensitivity and hostility toward key legal principles protecting the civil and constitutional rights of minorities, women, and all Americans." Others have said Charles Pickering has displayed a "troubling anti- civil rights pattern" conduct; such as severely criticizing key civil rights principles and disparaging plaintiffs in civil rights cases.

Pickering’s rulings in a number of cases involving constitutional and other issues have been overturned by conservative appellate court judges for violation of "well-settled principles of law." In addition, As a judge Pickering has engaged in what several legal ethics experts called unethical conduct in seeking a more lenient sentence for a defendant convicted in a cross-burning case.

As if it were not sufficient to have the first nomination rejected, GWB had the temerity to present Pickering a second time, as if the judge's record had changed just because the committee had changed.

In an effort to promote right-wing racist domination in the federal court system President Bush presents the Senate judicial committee with the nominee Leslie Southwick. This guy is even more preposterous than his two time predecessor.

But we'll tell you more in the next post about why the senate should just say no to Lesie Southwick.

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