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Monday, June 25, 2007

Daytona Beach Politician Object of Local DJ's Racist Remarks

When the story first broke late in May the local chapter of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, wanted the station management to fire a local Ormond Beach radio personality who is currently performing his poor man's version of an impersonation of Don Imus. The DJ, whose only anatomical oversize is probably the fact he is an overweight, big mouth, is a past middle age bigot, the host of an afternoon drive time, radio talk show on WELE-AM in Ormond Beach, Florida. Ormond Beach is just 10 minutes by car from world famous Daytona Beach; juat about 6 miles apart on the central east coast of Florida. This talk show host who fancies himself a lower class version of Rush Limbaugh, if there could be such a being, supports some other black candidate for mayor of Daytona Beach, spoke disparagingly about Daytona Beach City Commissioner Dwayne Taylor during a recent conversation with a caller on his radio program. "The higher the monkey climbs, the better you can see its ass. And we'd really get to see Dwayne's butt if he gets to be mayor," WELE-AM radio talk show host. Having a guy like this talk show host in your corner can only help your opponet. We hope the other candidate knows this.

This insult can not, and should not be tolerated. This so-called radio personality has insulted the current Vice Mayor of Daytona Beach. That vile foul radio person's name does not deserve to be uttered or seen in print with the name of Commissioner Dwayne Taylor.

To the NAACP leadership we offer the following observation, support and suggestion. You came out calling for justice. Demanding the offending on air personality be fired. We agree. WELE-AM owners and management should rid the community of this toxic nonsense talking piece of feces.

However, you've ammended your demand to an apology because the management refuses to fire the offensive scumbag. Your organization has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. You need not rely on the federal governemt to handle this problematic broadcast outlet which bills itself as Daytona's most powerful AM station.

Since there are obviously no commercial clients to be outraged or damaged by what was said the only thing to do is stop listening to the station.

The NAACP is known for conducting effective boycots. (Do the words "famously successful Montgmoery Bus Company boycot" ring a familiar bell? )WELE-AM won't turn off Big John's mike. We can turn him off! Turn the dial to another station. Encourage others to stop listening. Do not just stop listening to this Big John joker, but stop tuning in to all programming on the station. Refuse to deal with businesses which advertise on the station or associated stations; or support the station in anyway. For example, ESPN radio would probably be interested in knowing about this controversy. ESPN radio provides programming to WELE-AM. Stop supporting ESPN, television, radio and on the Internet. We believe ESPN will not want to be associated in anyway with racial controversy, least of all with WELE-AM.

When WELE-AM has finally lost its audience, and is unable to sustain itself and its license is for sale, it will be purchased by a group of business people who are racially diverse or even, goodness gracious me! black people who have purchased the station for students at Bethune-Cookman University to practice the art of broadcast communications. Give it the call letters WBC-AM with a slogan like "real radio for real people--no monkey business".

We say to all good people in the Daytona Beach areaTurn-off Big John. Turn-off WELE-AM for good!

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Daytona Beach WELE-AM DJ Big John Is A Monkey!

Daytona Beach WELE-AM radio host Big John said:
"The higher the monkey climbs, the better you can see its ass. And we'd really get to see Dwayne's butt if he gets to be mayor," in reference to the possibility of Daytona Beach Commissioner and Vice Mayor of the city, Dwayne Taylor becoming mayor. Dwayne Taylor is a black man. We can not believe Big John would say such a thing about a non black politico. We can not believe there is anything on Big John that qualifies as big other than his mouth-- which we now know is roomy enough for both his feet.

We all in this community know radio talk show host Big John is racist, and apparently he has been doing a lot of climbing up trees and looking at monkey's asses. No doubt sniffing them too. He has the voice and authority of real experience, climbing, looking up at others behind's, but at least he could tell the Truth. The only monkey asses that Big John has ever been climbing up after and sniffing is the Management's at WELE radio in Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach Florida.

Now it may be their ass was black, probably because they were wearing black pants or underwear, but as any idiot knows a monkey's skin is white. That's right WHITE, because if you shave a monkey you will seek the color of his skin is white, not black. This only stands to reason because the only monkees Big John has been sniffing around are at his own radio station, and if the management was wise, when Big John was around they kept their clothes on, you don't want an ass kisser like that to get too close. Certainly any self respecting black person would not let big John any where near them, who knows what a MudderFudder like that would do if you let them get too close behind.

With all due respect, this is TMI, too much information. We do not want to know or even want to imagine whose ass Big John has been sniffing. We therefore cordially suggest Big John be fired immediately for anal impropriety on air, and that the radio station that currently employs him be boycotted by all self respecting citizens both black and white until he is gone. He has offended all, decent citizen's proprieties, whether they listen to his program or not.

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