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Saturday, June 30, 2007

CBS and FOX Say "NO" To Clever Condom Ad

Recently it was reported:
"The Fox and CBS networks have both declined to air an ad for Trojan condoms that features cellphone-carrying pigs on the prowl.
The ad depicts women in a bar surrounded by cellphone-toting pigs. One of the swine heads off to the men’s room where it obtains a condom from a vending machine — and 'is transformed into a head-turner in his 20s,' The New York Times reports. 'When he returns to the bar, a fetching blonde who had been indifferent now smiles at him invitingly.'The commercial is part of a new ad campaign by Trojan called 'evolve.' The message: 'Evolve. Use a condom every time.'

In rejecting the ad, Fox sent a written response to Trojan that read: 'Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy.' CBS wrote that it did not find the ad 'appropriate for our network even with late-night-only restrictions.'

The commercial will air on ABC, NBC, and nine cable networks, as well as in magazines and on Web sites."

We think the censors at FOX missed the point. The ad clearly does "stress health-related uses". The scenario is people at a singles bar seeking companionship; perhaps they are seeking sexual companionship. In this day and age those people are supporting the use of condoms to protect themselves from STDs, as much as it is possible to do so with the barrier method of protection.

Someone should tell those people at FOX condoms are not just to protect against pregnancy. They've always been used to protect against disease. Someone should tell the censors the barrier method of contraception is only about 98 percent effective. There are other forms of contraception that are 100 percent effective.

Is it possible CBS did not find the ad appropriate for its network, "even with late-night-only restrictions", because their network is populated by cellphone-toting pigs?

We know many grown-ups in this country have been reluctant to promote the idea anyone should use protection or common sense when it comes to having sex. Some adults do not believe anyone should be having sex, especially if they themselves are not having sex.

We like the condom ad. We are glad to see some adult taking responsibility for training, educating and teaching young people and others to be considerate in their intimate affairs.

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